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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Pella

Krya Vrysi (Greek: Κρύα Βρύση ) Pella

Krya Vrysi is a town in the prefecture of Pella and the seat of the homonymous municipality (since 1990) in the province of Giannitsa [1]. It has a real population of 5,214 inhabitants (2011) [2], who are mainly engaged in agriculture, with the main products being corn and asparagus.

It is the seat of the sports club Akadimia Krya Vryssi and the GAS Alexander the Great Krya Vrysi.


Krya Vrysi is located southeast of Edessa, in the middle of the distance between Giannitsa and Naoussa. Until 1927 it was called Plasna, so it was renamed Krya Vrysi [3]. The city developed in the 1930s.

Krya Vrysi, Town Hall


During the Turkish occupation it was called Plasna and was located on the shores of Lake Giannitsa. Next to it was the settlement of Prisna or Vrasti, which after the lake dried up, was abandoned and the inhabitants moved to Krya Vrysi, which was already experiencing great residential development due to the arrival of many refugees from Asia Minor. At the end of the 19th century the two villages of Plasna and Prisna had a total population of around 360 inhabitants, mainly Greeks, but also a few Turks. The current name came from the location of a source of cold clean water after the drainage of the lake that existed in the area and the water shortage that followed.

Towards the end of the Occupation, in May 1944, Krya Vrysi became the operational headquarters of the dossier, armed by the German occupiers, of the order of Georgios Poulos, of the so-called "Greek Volunteer Corps". [4]

An important recreation center is the Ecological Park, with an area of ​​100 acres. Monuments of the city are the church of Agios Nikolaos and the monastery of Agios Loukas.

Dimosthenis Deligiannis, [5] (born 1938), lawyer, politician, 1973-1981 Member of Parliament for Pella.
Eugenia Ouzounidou, (born 1962), politician, 2012 - 2014 & January 2015 - August 2015 Member of Parliament for Kozani.
Ioannis Isaak Sachinidis, (born 1968), politician, Member of Parliament for Pella.
Takis Fostiropoulos, (born 1950), since 2005 president of the Piraeus Football Coaches Association [6] with honorary distinction from UNESCO (2016). First coach of the Women's National Team (1990). [7] [8] Coach of the Mixed Teams of Youth and Children Ε.Π.Σ. Piraeus (1989 - 2002) [9] Football player of Apollon Kryas Vryssi in the Second National (1966 - 1974). [10] Businessman in the food industry.
Nikolaos Fostiropoulos (* 1958), 1999-2019 member of the Municipal Council of Karlsruhe, [11] Germany, founder and owner of "alfatraining", one of the largest centers of further education in Germany with 67 stores plus a delegation in Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki. Alfatraining is the largest distance education provider for the unemployed in Germany and is based exclusively on the "alfaview" video conferencing platform.
Konstantinos Fostiropoulos, (born 1960), physicist, head of the research team "Organic Solar Cells Group" (2003-2016) [12] of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. [13] He was the first to develop a method of synthesizing molecular carbon C60 (1990) with a football-shaped structure. [14]


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Takis Fostiropoulos for Fernando Santos
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THE STEP, 03/11/1996

History of the cities of Greece - Krya Vrysi

Division of the municipality with population 10974 (2001):

  • Krya Vrysi / Δ.δ. Κρύας Βρύσης -- η Κρύα Βρύση [ 6.535 ]
  • Agios Loukas / Δ.δ. Αγίου Λουκά -- ο Άγιος Λουκάς [ 1.555 ]
  • Akrolimni / Δ.δ. Ακρολίμνης -- η Ακρολίμνη [ 1.340 ]
  • Esovalta / Δ.δ. Εσωβάλτων [ 1.545 ]
    • Esovalta / τα Εσώβαλτα [ 989 ]
    • Stavrodromi / το Σταυροδρόμιον [ 556 ]

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