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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Lakonia

  • Kladas (Κλαδάς) Lakonia
  • Kladas is a village located 5 km north of the city of Sparta and belongs to the municipality of Sparta. The village had a population of 371 inhabitants (2001 census) and reached 476 inhabitants with the expansion of the village (2011 census). It is a beautiful place to visit on the way to Sparta, Elafonisos, Skoutari or Kythira.


    There is no exact recorded date for the arrival of the inhabitants from villages such as Vamvakou, Voutianos, Vassaras, Kalyvia, Bresthena but also from the city of Sparta. the self-government plan of I. Kapodistrias. However, about 85 years later - on 04/12/1997 - the community of Klada is abolished and agreed with the Municipality of Spartia

    Kladas, Old Village
    Everyday life and local economy

    Most of the villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, from which their income comes. The main crop is that of olive trees in areas around the village or near neighboring villages, mainly in Theologos, while smaller ones are those of oranges, zucchini and various vegetables that are limited to home gardens.

    The village has 2 cafes, 1 cafe-tavern in the main square and 1 restaurant for travelers on the Athens-Sparta national road where residents and visitors gather and have fun or discuss current issues. The village also has a car repair shop and an olive packaging plant, but does not have shops, although some have shops in the city of Sparta.

    Ecological way of life

    However, the residents have also taken steps towards ecology. Many of the crops are now organic with ISO and European Union certification and organic products compete with worthy organic products from other European countries (eg the Netherlands). Another step towards ecology is the use of bicycles to move within the village and to the neighborhood, which ensures not only better living conditions but also a place free from noise pollution. Finally, the village has a recycling point at the Primary School of Kladas.

    Infrastructure projects in modern times

    The village was modernized in areas such as:

    The management of municipal waste with the creation of the expansion of the sewerage network of Sparta due to the construction of the TEI. Sparta in 2005-2006
    The upgrade of the telephone network that allowed the eurozone connections
    The creation of the ring road that allowed the construction of new houses or rented apartments
    The construction of the new Athens-Sparta national road that makes the village a hub between Sparta, surrounding villages and Athens (still under construction)


    The climate of Kladas is temperate Mediterranean and geological factors such as altitude (240 meters) and the location between Mount Parnon and the Tavgetos mountain range play a role in this. The average annual temperature is about + 19 ° C and the average annual rainfall (about 60 days) is 600 km, the average cloud cover is 4 and the average wind strength is about 4 Beaufort with northeasterly and westerly winds prevailing. . Many times in the spring there is a westerly-southwesterly wind that gathers low clouds creating fog. Snow is not as common as frost, which often destroys crops or part of them.

    The village has a Primary School for the students of the 3rd and 4th Primary School. The remaining classes of the Primary School are located in Afison (Afissou) and Kokkinorrachi according to the organization of the Ministry of Education in 1997 after the merger with the municipality of Sparta. High school and lyceum exist only in the city. The children are transported to their schools by the KTEL at the expense of the Greek State.

    Also, on a hill located in the wider area of ​​Kladas is the TEI. Sparta supported by the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Based on the Government Gazette 189 / 14-10-2004 / Τ.Α´ / ΠΔ 211, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications was established as a branch of the TEI of Kalamata. Its operation began in the academic year 2005-2006. The seat of this department is Sparta. The study content of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications covers the subject of Information Science and Applications of Informatics, Organization and Management of Information Systems and Telecommunications Networks with the aim of creating telecommunications information and capable executives for the increased needs of the market.
    Ways to approach

    Unfortunately you can reach Kladas or Sparta only by car, taxi or local bus (KTEL Laconia / if you want to book your tickets earlier see the site http://ktel-lakonias.gr/)


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