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Administrative Region : Epirus
Regional unit : Arta

  • Katarraktis (Καταρράκτης) Arta
  • Katarraktis is a village in Epirus in the prefecture of Arta. Administratively, it belongs to the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka, former Municipality of Agnanton (D.D. Katarraktou). It is built at an altitude of 800 meters in the Athamanika Mountains, which is better known by the traditional name Tzoumerka.


    It is built at an altitude of 800 meters in the Athamanika Mountains which is better known by the traditional name Tzoumerka, at a distance of 62.5 km (via Plaka bridge) or 55 km (via Ramia) north of the city of Arta. It consists of the main village and within an area of ​​30 sq.km. It includes four settlements: Kryopigi - former Moutsiara, Milea, Sgara and Vlagada and all together make up the Katarraktis community.

    Katarraktis was one of the 26 settlements of Tzoumerka that came to Greece in 1881 [1]. The martyr village of Katarraktis Arta, is the first in the area of ​​Tzoumerka, which is now included in the list of Martyr villages, with a Presidential decree published (Government Gazette A / 79 / 1-06-2017). It was the two days of October 26 and 27, 1943, when the Nazi Edelweiss Mountain Brigade set fire to houses, burned crops and executed 11 residents who could not escape the village. The atrocities were reprehensible, as the Nazis claimed, for the hostilities caused by the National Resistance forces in the occupiers' liquidation operations.

    The oldest name of the village, until 1927, was Schoretsa (i) na [2]. With the decree of September 17, 1926, "change the names of settlements, cities or towns," the name choices were 2, the first Saint Catherine from the homonymous Monastery and the other Waterfall. Eventually, the latter prevailed and took its current name from the twin waterfalls located a short distance away, a little higher than the village, near the settlement of Kriopigi.

    In the mill of the Holy Monastery of Agia Aikaterini Schoretsanon, the leaders of Tzoumerkiotes met for the preparation of the holy struggle: and Hosepsis (year 1819-1820).
    The Monastery of St. Catherine
    The Monastery of St. Catherine from an adjacent hill

    The Holy Monastery of St. Catherine has been declared a historic monument. It is a tiled roof of a three-aisled vaulted basilica without a dome with a built-in bell tower. It was founded in 1730 but was rebuilt from scratch in 1827. The wood-carved iconostasis and the large icon of St. Catherine stand out for their art with a gold-plated relief.

    Cultural events - Festivals

    Agios Georgios in Sgara (mobile holiday)
    Zoodochou Pigis in Sgara (first Friday after Easter)
    Agios Konstantinos on the homonymous hill (May 21)
    Prophet Elias (July 20)
    Agia Paraskevi (July 26) Two-day festival culminating on July 27 where the traditional dance of the Chancellor or Bairachtaris is danced in the central square by all the residents.
    Assumption of the Virgin Mary Three-day traditional festival (August 15)
    Father Cosmas in Sgara (August 23-24-25)
    St. Catherine (November 25)
    Agia Faneromeni in Livadia. On the day of the Holy Spirit (mobile holiday)
    The Transfiguration of the Savior in Milea (August 6)
    Agios Nikolaos in the upper square (December 6)
    12 Apostles at the site Killed (June 30)

    Pictures of the Waterfall

    Panoramic view of the village

    Katarraktis Artas

    View of the central square of Arta Waterfall (part of Tzoumerka can be seen)

    Celebration of St. Catherine

    216 Μονή Αγίας Αικατερίνης

    Holy Monastery of Agia Aikaterini Waterfall of Arta, Tzoumerka


    Nick. Ch. Papakosta, Continental. Historical, Folklore, Social, Volume A (Athamanika), Athens 1967, p. 161.



    Regional Unit of Arta - Municipality of Agnanta
    Municipality of Agnanta
    NTUA Database - D.D. Waterfall
    ΥΑ ΥΠΠΟ / ΑΡΧ / Β1 / Φ33 / 35072/890 / 7-8-1995 - ΦΕΚ 769 / Β / 7-9-1995 (declaration of a monument of the Holy Monastery of Agia Aikaterini)

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