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Karditsomagoula (Greek: Καρδιτσομαγούλα from Karditsa and Magoula, a former name of a village because another Magoula is nearly ten kilometres west) is the biggest village in Karditsa county in Greece, with 2,500 inhabitants. It has a grid layout consisting of six 1,500-metre roads (North–South) and eleven 900-metre roads (East–West). It is part of the municipality of Karditsa and is north of the central area of Karditsa. It is located north of the Karditsa bypass, and is linked with a road to GR-30 and to several villages in the northeastern part of the prefecture and Palamas. It is located southeast of Trikala, southeast of Larissa, west of Palamas, northwest of Sofades, and northeast of the Plastiras Dam.

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Farmlands dominate the area around Karditsomagoula, the main product being cotton covering 26,000 acres (105 square kilometres) of land. Other products include cattle, fruit and vegetables, and some flowers. The country roads are in grid format. The Pineios River is further north. The whole population prior to the late-20th century, and much of the population today, are farmers.

 Θεσσαλία - Καρδίτσα - Δήμος Καρδίτσας Καρδιτσομαγούλα, Καρδίτσα


Longitude: 21.925 (21°55'25") E
Latitude: 39.3845 (39°23'5") N
Postal code: 431 00
Elevation: about 100 m
Dialing code: +11+30-24410 (030-24410)

Historical population
Year Population Change
1981 2,458 -
1991 2,409 -49/-1.99%

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