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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Messinia

Kalo Nero (Greek: Καλό Νερό or Καλόνερο) means good water, a village and a municipal district, belongs to the Avlona municipality, although it is very close to Kyparissia, 5 km. The population of the entire district is 741 (2001 census, real population), the main village alone 540, the remaining 201 living in the smaller settlements Ano Kalo Neron, Kakavas, Stasi Sidirokastro (Sidirokastro station, a railway halt), Marmaro and Vounaki.[1]

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Kalo Nero village is mostly located in the area between the GR-9/E55 highway and the shoreline of the Kyparissian Bay. At the seafront there are a few tourist hotels and tavernas. Also in the areas around the central quare and alongside GR-9 there are some shops and restaurants as well as a couple of gas stations along the highway.
Kalo Nero square ('πλατεία'), with the railway station behind

Kalo Nero is a railway junction where the line from Patras and Pyrgos in the north branches to the terminus station of Kyparissia to the south and towards Kalamata via Zevgolatio in the east.[2] Kalo Nero has a relatively large railway yard, located alongside the central square of the village, with the station building at the southern end of the square. Kalo Nero used to have several daily passenger train services but during recent years these have been reduced until 21-Jan-2011 the last remaining services were closed down.

Kalo Nero has a vast beach which attracts a lot of bathers, both Greeks and tourists. The beach boasts almost 3 metre waves which covers the beach with an abundant supply of large and small rocks. This is where the giant Sea turtles Caretta-Caretta are nesting every summer, from May to September. Kalo Nero is famous for its marvelous, unique sunsets in the Kyparissian Bay. Nearby are the Mycenian Tombs in Peristeria and the Neda River Waterfalls with Stomio, the entrance to Hades[CN], the underworld, according to Greek Mythology.

Nearest places (commune)

Kyparissia S
Zacharo N
Filiatra SW


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