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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Ilia

Kallikomo (Greek: Καλλίκωμο) is a community located east of GR-9/E55 in the municipal unit of Skillounta, Elis, Greece. Distance from Pyrgos is 18 km SE, 3 km W of Krestena and 6 km W of Olympia, and about 10 km NW of Zacharo and N of Kyparissia.

It is accessed east of the highway and northwest of GR-76 which accesses to Andritsaina and Megalopoli. The village is developed out of the two villages of Krounoi and Ladiko.


Krounoi (pop: 105)
Ladiko, ghost town

Nearest places

Krestena, east
Raches (south
Samiko, west
Epitalio, north

Historical population
Year Village population Municipal district population
1981 1,080 -
1991 1,003 -
2001 1,203 1,318


The intent of centralizing Krounoi and Ladiko was first announced in the time of the military dictatorship in Greece, because Ladiko lacks its own water, and both villages lack access to a stream. Thus it seemed obvious to the ruling military powers of that time, according to barracks rules, to build the residents of these towns a prefabricated village with loans and gifts to bait them to moving in. Nearly all of the inhabitants left Krounoi and Ladiko; so in 1970 Kallikomo came into being, until today an unattractive suburb of Krestena, with health-threatening asbestos in the prefabricated houses/roofs, not well liked by most of the inhabitants. Some few, to whom health was more important, decided later to go back to Krounoi. They remain in the small village even today and try to get their lives back together. Ladiko and Krounoi have no municipal building of their own today, being logically assigned to the one in Kallikomo.

On March 26, 2002, pilot Pantelis Karantalis was hailed as a hero by the population of Kallikomo for managing to steer his crashing A-7 Corsair bomber away from the village before bailing out[1]. During the forest fire that plundered southern and central Ilia prefecture on August 2007, Kallikomo escaped the fire's fury and no harm occurred into Kallikomo even though it is densely forested, the eastern portion received the damages.

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