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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Evrytania

Itea (Ιτέα) Evrytania

Itea is a mountainous settlement of the municipality of Agrafa in the prefecture of Evrytania [1] [2].

Geographical data

The settlement is built on the western slopes of Mount Tsioukas, at an altitude of 650 meters to 815 meters and is bordered by an area of ​​about 198,000 sq.m. The village square is one of the largest in Evrytania since it has an area of ​​about three acres (2,958 sq.m.).

The settlement is connected to Lepiana and the villages of Valtos by asphalt road. Its location makes it easier to travel through Aiotoloakarnania than through the prefecture's capital, Karpenisi, which is 92.5 km northwest. It is also 93 km north of Agrinio and 86 km east of Arta. Itea's permanent residents number 101, according to the 2011 census.

Historical data

In the year 1833 with the Royal Decree of Otto "On the division of the Kingdom of Greece and its administration" published in the Official Gazette 12 / 6-12-1833, Greece was divided into ten Prefectures and 42 Provinces. The province of Kallidromi, recommended by the province of Karpenisi and the free areas of Agrafa, is a province of the prefecture of Aetolia and Acarnania. In the province of Kallidromi belongs the Itea of ​​Evritania, then Kretsista, its old name. In 1962 and in Government Gazette 210 / 23-12-1962 with the number 836 Royal Decree it was renamed Itea [5]. Until 2010 it belonged to the municipality of Aspropotamos (Kapodistrias Program). Since 2011, with the administrative changes and mergers of municipalities of the Kallikratis Plan, it became part of the Local Community of Raptopoulos, of the enlarged Municipality of Agrafa [6].

The church of the village is dedicated to Agia Paraskevi and celebrates on July 26, when a festival is held every year.
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Community Raptopoulo
Itea (Ιτέα, η)
Kato Raptopoulo (Κάτω Ραπτόπουλο, το)
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι, το)
Raptopoulo (Ραπτόπουλο, το)

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