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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Galarinos (Γαλαρινός ) Chalkidiki

Galarinos is a village and homonymous municipal district of the Municipality of Anthemounta, in the prefecture of Chalkidiki, with 299 inhabitants according to the 2001 census. There is no school in the village due to lack of children. Around the Municipal District of Galarinos, there are encouraging steps in industrial and craft activity, mainly by investors from the co-capital who come to invest in the area. The main work of the inhabitants is agriculture. [1] The village celebrates on May 2, when Saint Athanasios is celebrated.

Historical data

A monument was erected in the settlement [3] in honor of Stamos Hapsas and his fighters who fell in the battle with the Turks in 1821, during the ChalkidikiRevolution. An important fighter from the Greek Revolution of 1821 was the chief Dimitrios Vassilios who with his small body (consisting of 30 hoplites) and under the general instructions of Konstantinos Doumpiotis took part in many battles in southern Greece [4]. The monastery of St. Anastasia of Farmakolytria is located north of the village.


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