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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Voiotia

  • Ellopia (Ελλοπία) Voiotia
  • Ellopia is a village in the Municipality of Thiva, as it was created according to the Kallikratis program, in the Prefecture of Voiotia. Until 2010 it belonged to the Municipality of Thisvi.

    It has 398 inhabitants [1] and is located at an altitude of 250 meters. It is located between Kithaironas and Elikonas and is 20 km from Thiva.


    The village got its name from the ancient Ellopia of Epirus. During the years of Turkish rule, it was called Karantas, a name that was officially maintained in the administration until 1916, when the normal name was restored. [2] The old name comes from the Turkish and means Black Stone, probably due to the limestone rocks that surround the village as gray rocks.


    The date of the first arrival of residents in the settlement is not known. During the Turkish occupation, it was inhabited by farmers and stockbreeders.

    A short distance to the east of the village, remains of pre-Christian settlements were found. They belonged to the State of Thespies in antiquity. During the late Byzantine period, some completely Greek villages were settled in the village, which were completely assimilated.

    The village also took part in the Revolution of 1821, which was initially one of the first to be liberated in Boeotia. When the Turks returned with reinforcements, the inhabitants took refuge in the mountains to be saved. Tradition has it that Pope Anastasis, a village priest, took refuge in a cave, but the Turks found him and killed him. Since then, this rock has been called the rock of Papa-Anastasis.

    Famous residents

    Costas Koligiannis (1909-1979), a member of the KKE and secretary from 1956 to 1972, came from Ellopia. his brothers, Alexis and Takis, as a means of pressure.


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