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Apollonia Pontica (or Apollonia of Thrace), Greek Colony founded around the 6th century by Milesians. It was first called Antheia and then it was named Apollonia after the God Apollo. It was famous for its colossal statue of Apollo by Calamis, a 20 cubits * large sculpture for which 500 Talents were paid according to Pliny the Elder (Pliny 34.29, also Strabo 7.319). The sculpture was transported to Rome after the Romans under Marcus Lucullus attacked and destroyed the city.

Later Apollonia was renamed to Sozopolis (or Sozopol in Bulgarian).

* a cubit (various versions exist) is around 45 cm or more so that the sculpture was around 9 m large.

Apollo or Gorgon? (the coins of Apollonia Pontika)

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