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Antipatrea was an ancient Greek town in the region of Epirus. The founder of the town may have been Cassander who named it after his father Antipater at 314 BC. A fortress-settlement of the Greek Dassaretae (or Dexaroi) tribe existed in the area as the 6th century BC [1] on the old border between Illyria and Epirus[2]. It was captured by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Livy (31.27.2) describes Antipatrea as a strongly fortified city in a narrow pass that the Romans sacked and burned.


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2. ^ The Illyrians by J. J. Wilkes,ISBN 0631198075,1992,Page 98,"... the Epirote people of whom the Dexari or Dassaretae were the most northerly and bordered the Illyrian Enchelei, the 'eel-men', whose name points to a location near Lake Ohrid. According to Polybius (5. ..."

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