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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Xanthi

Akraios (Ακραίος ) Xanthi

Akraios is a small semi-mountainous village of Thrace in the regional Unit of Xanthi at an altitude of 380 meters [1]

Geography - History

Akraios is located at a distance of 36 km NE. from Xanthi and 22 km. D. from Sminthi (seat of the municipality). The village is included in the Pomakochoria of Xanthi (as well as all of the community of Satra) [2] and its old name is Dolevo (Doliva) or Tolaki [3] [4]. To the south of the village passes the river Kompsatos which is bridged by a traditional stone bridge with two large and two smaller relief arches [5]. As a settlement, it is officially mentioned in 1961 that it was recorded in the then community of Satres. According to the Kallikratis Plan, it belongs to the municipal unit of Satres of the Municipality of Myki and according to the 2011 census, it has a population of only 2 inhabitants [7].


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