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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Xanthi

Akarpo (Άκαρπο) Xanthi

Akarpo is a village in the regional unit of Xanthi, with a population of 298 inhabitants according to the 2011 census [1]. It is built at an average altitude of 35 meters above sea level, at a road distance of 11 kilometers (km) east of the city center of Xanthi, near the railway line Thessaloniki-Alexandroupolis. The geographical coordinates of Akarpos are 41 ° 08΄ wide and 24 ° 59΄ long east. Nearest settlements are Lefkopetra, just 1 km north of Akarpos, and the main village of the area, the small town of Celero, 1.5 km northeast. It was previously reported that it was a three-hour walk from the city of Xanthi and a half-hour walk from Polysitou Station on the Thessaloniki-Alexandroupolis railway line. [2]

Administratively, Akarpo belongs today to the municipal community of Selero, which is identified with the Municipal Unit of Selero, of the Municipality of Abdera, in the Regional Unit of Xanthi of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Formerly, completely similarly, it was a village of the Seleros community, in the District and Prefecture of Xanthi.

The evolution of the population of Akarpos in the official censuses is shown in the table below.

Population Year of census Residents
1961 304
1971 322
1991 179
2001 226
2011 298


Census of Population - Houses 2011. PERMANENT Population. Greek statistical authority.

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Municipal Community Selero
Akarpo (Άκαρπο, το)
Ano Polysito (Άνω Πολύσιτο, το)
Velochori (Βελοχώρι, το)
Grigoro (Γρήγορο, το)
Lefkopetra (Λευκόπετρα, η)
Rymi (Ρύμη, η)
Selero (Σέλερο, το)
Simantra (Σήμαντρα, τα)
Filia (Φίλια, τα)

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