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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Evros

Aisymi (Greek: Αισύμη ) is a village in the southern part of the Evros regional unit, Greece. It is located on the Greek National Road 53, about 20 km north of the city of Alexandroupoli. In 2001 its population was 289 for the village and 367 for the municipal district, including the village Leptokarya.

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Year Village population Municipal district population
1981 671 -
1991 419 -
2001 267 389

Aisymi dates back to the ancient times as an ancient settlement.[CN] With the rest of Western Thrace, it was ruled by the Ottoman Empire since the 14th century. It remained under Turkish rule until the Balkan Wars of 1913. At that time, Aisymi (then known as Doğanhisar, Dugan Hisar in Bulgarian) was a Bulgarian speaking village like many parts of today's Evros prefecture. The population in 1912 consisted of 400 Bulgarians.

After a brief period of Bulgarian rule between 1913 and 1919, it became part of Greece. As a result its Bulgarian and Turkish population was exchanged with Greek refugees, mainly from today's Turkey.
People that were born in Aisymi

Kiro Chelekov, Bulgarian revolutionary
Petko Kiryakov (Captain Petko Voyvoda) (1844–1900), leader of the Bulgarian national revolution in Aegean Thrace and Rhodopes 1861-1878, friend of Giuseppe Garibaldi, organiser and commander of the iatalo-bulgarian Battalion in Greece Cretan Revolt (1866–1869), Bulgarian politician
Kosta Mitev Admirala, Bulgarian revolutionary and leader
Mara Mihailova (1900–1989), Bulgarian folklorist and journalist

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Community Aisymi
Aisymi (Αισύμη, η)
Leptokarya (Λεπτοκαρυά, η)

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