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O katergaris (Greek: Ο κατεργάρης, The Rascal is a 1971 Greek film directed and written by Giannis Dalianidis and starring Hronis Exarhakos, Nora Valsami, Giannis Mihalopoulos, Spyros Kalogoirou and Katerina Gioulaki. The movie is based on the play Parti gia neous (Πάρτι για νέους) or Youth Party by Nikos Tsiforos.


An unemployed person from the company, a peaceful and a horrified person in which the company that the president is an insane type which his ethices was above all, it represents that it has the same ideas of his kind. At some moment, his little sister which she live together, they did a junior party at his home of to know us better in which excluded all the others and that they went and the son of the insane person. That scary unemployed person had one of the insane presidency which he did presentations later on and from the others of his insane uncle. His little sister and the son of the president fell in love and later married, the unemployed took his promotion, he think that he suffered some other problems.


Hronis Exarhakos
Nora Valsami
Giannis Mihalopoulos
Spyros Kalogirou
Katerina Gioulaki
Nasos Kedrakas


It was the last film by Finos Film to be made in black and white and the only that starred Hronis Exarhakos.

The movie sold 157,614 tickets in its run.

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