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Dimosthenis Alexiadis (Δημοσθένης Αλεξιάδης ) 1839 Syros-1916 Athens) actor, theater

Dionysios Tavoularis (Διονύσιος Ταβουλάρης) ( 1840 Zakynthos - 1928 Athens) actor, theater

Evangelos Pantopoulos ( Ευάγγελος Παντόπουλος) (1860 - 1913 Athens), Theater: Actor, Author, I Tychi tis Maroulas (D. Koromilas)

Thomas Oikonomou (Θωμάς Οικονόμου) (1864 Vienna / Austria - 1927 Athens) actor, Theater, Royal Theater

Ekaterini Veroni ( Αικατερίνη Βερώνη)(1867 ? Constantinople, 19.5.1955), Theater until 1914

Marika Kotopouli, Greek Stamp of Kotopouli in "O agapitikos tis Voskopoulas"

Marika Kotopouli (Μαρίκα Κοτοπούλη) (3.5.1887 – 11.9.1954) Kotopouli Marika Museum , (Ta NEA in Greek)

Christophoros Nezer (Χριστόφορος Νέζερ ) (1889- 1970)

Alexis Minotis (Αλέξης Μινωτής ) (8.8.1900 Chania/Crete, 11.11.1990 Athens)

Aimilios Veakis (Αιμίλιος Βεάκης)(13.12.1884 Piraeus – 29.6.1951) (Ta NEA in Greek)

Kyveli (Κυβέλη) (1888 Athens -26.5.1978 Athens), Mitsos Myrat

Andreas Malandrinos (14.11.1888- 11.7.1970) Greek born British Actor, IMDB

Katina Paxinou (Ekaterini Konstantopoulou) (Κατίνα Παξινού) (17.12.1900 Piraeus – 22.2.1973), For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) Supporting Actress Academy Award (Oscar), Golden Globe, (Married with Alexis Minotis, Royal Theater of Athens)

George Coulouris with Barbara Stanwyck in California

George Coulouris (1.10.1903-25.4.1989) Greek father, English mother, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0183459/ Citizen Cane, Papillon, California

Nick Dennis (26.4.1904 Thessaly - 14.11.1980 Los Angeles USA) East of Eden , Spartacus , Birdman of Alcatraz

Alexander Scourby (13.11.1913 Brooklyn - 22.2.1985 ) “The voice of the Bible” the son of Nicholas and Betsy (Patsakos) Scourby, The Big Heat , The Glory Brigade ,

Despo Diamantidou (Δέσπω Διαμαντίδου) (July 1916 Piraeus – 12.2.2004 Greece) Actress (of Russian Origin) known in films like Never On Sunday, Topkapi and in Woody Allen's film Love and Death as Mother Grushenko (Info) She played in 1949 in the Chorus of Euripides Medea

Titos Vandis (Τίτος Βανδής)(7.11.1917 Thessaloniki/Greece - 23.2.2003 Athens (cancer)) Topkapi, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask , The Exorcist (Info)

Melina Mercouri (or Merkouri) (Maria Amalia Mersuris )(Μελίνα Mερκούρη) (18.10.1920 Athens – 6.3.1994 New York) from a wealthy family her grandfather fas major of Athens, Stella (1955), Phaedra, Never On Sunday (1960) the story of a philosopher Homer Tracy who want to teach a Greek prostitute the ideals of the ancient Greeks, played by her husband Jules Dassin. Topkapi , (Ta NEA in Greek) Photos of Melina Mercouri, The Melina Mercouri Foundation

Dimitris Horn (Δημήτρης Χορν)(1921- 16.1.1998) Theater and Film, son of the playwriter Pantelis Horn (1881-1941) (Ta NEA Info in Greek)

Irene Papas in Z

Irene Papas (or Irini Pappas)( Eιρήνη Παππά) (3.9.1926 Chiliomodi/Corinthia ) (Irene Lelekou) an international known actress, Antigone, Elektra, Guns of Navarone , Z, Zorba the Greek, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, European Woman Award for 2002

George Maharis (1.9.1928 Astoria NY)

Olympia Dukakis (Ολυμπία Δουκάκη) (20.6.1931 Massachusetts/USA) Supporting Actress Academy Award (Oscar) Moonstruck 1987, http://www.sfsu.edu/~news/2002/25.htm

George Chakiris and Yul Brunner in Kings Of The Sun

George Chakiris (16.9.1934 Norwood/Ohio), West Side Story (1961 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for playing the Puerto Rican gang leader ) one of Marilyn Monroe's dancers in Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend and There Is No Business Like Show Business

Alexander George Karras (15.7.1935 Gary, Indiana/USA) His father was from Athens, actor Info , used to play before for the NFL team Detroit Lions (Info)

John Cassavetes (Τζον Κασσαβέτης) and Nick Cassavetes (Νικ Κασσαβέτης)

Birdman of Alcatraz

Telly Savalas (21.1.1924 - 22.1.1994), http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001699/ KOJAK, Birdman of Alcatraz (Oscar nomination), Greatest Story Ever Told a friend of Bart Lancaster

George Savalas (5.12.1926 - 2.10.1985) brother of Telly Savalas

Vassilis Fotopoulos (1934) , Oscar for Art direction (1964) for the film Zorba and while he made most of the work for America it was Gene Callahan who obtained the Oscar in 1962 ( a mistake probably of the American Academy ?)

Spiros Focas (1937 Greece) Jewel of the Nile, Rambo 3 as Masoud (Afghan mujahadeen leader) Info

Corinna (Kyriaki) Tsopei (21.6.1944 Athens) 1964 Miss Universe Image A Man Called Horse, The Sweet Ride, Valley of the Dolls

Olga Karlatos (Olga Vlassopoulos) (20.4.1947 Athens) Purple Rain (with Prince or The artist formerly known as Prince .. or whatsoever) Murder Rock - Dancing Death , Zombie Flesh Eaters

Tassos Boulmetis (Τάσος Μπουλμέτης)(1957 Constantiople) Πολίτικη Κουζίνα( Politiki Kouzina , A Touch of Spice ) (Info)

Takis Emmanuel

George Corraface (Γιώργος Χωραφάς)(7.12.1952 Paris/France) Greek-French actor (Info)

Give me any word, and I'll show you how it derives from Greek roots.
Oh, yeah, how about kimono?

Antonia Eugenia Vardalos * (Nia Vardalos ... My Big Fat Greek Wedding ) (*From the Information I have she is of Greek origin).

Despina Pajanou (9.12.1958 Thessaloniki), German TV

Michael Flessas (2.6.1959 in Miami, Florida), actor, belongs to the Flessas family which includes Papaflessas a hero of the Greek war of Independence

Lex Marinos

Marina Sirtis (29.3.1960 London) Greek Parents, Probably the most known actress of Greek origin together with Aniston, Star Trek (The Next Generation), Commander Deanna Troi ,

John Colicos (10.12.1928 Toronto, Ontario - 6.3.2000 Toronto) Star Trek, Galactica

Michael Constantine

John Stamos (Stamatopoulos) (19.8.1963, Cypress/CA) Greek origin, Info The Unofficial John Stamos Home

Tony Orlando, Greek and Hispanic origin, film, TV, Musicals

Thaao Penghlis , Mission: Impossible

Gabrielle Carteris, (2.1.1961 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA ) Greek parents TV, Beverly Hills 90210

Elias Koteas (11.3.1961 Montreal/Canada) one of Canada's most popular actors Info Malarek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III , The Thin Red Line, Lost Souls Eloquent Elias: Unofficial Homepage

Nick Giannopoulos (1963) a Greek-Australian stand-up comedian, film and TV actor. The Wog Boy , Wannabees , Acropolis Now More see In the Nick of time

Michael Chiklis ( 30.8.1963 Lowell, Massachusetts), known as Chick or Chicky. Chiklis' Parents are from Lesbos. Emmy prize winner in 2002 and Golden Globe 2003 , he was nominated 2004 and 2005 for the Golden Globe. Michael Chiklis speaks Greek, Italian and Spanish, Miami Vice, L.A. Law, Seinfeld, as The Thing in Fantastic Four.

William George Zane, Jr. (24.2.1966 Chicago/Illinois), known as Billy Zane, (born as William Zanetakos). His parents, George and Thalia and his sister Lisa Zane are also actors. Back to the future, Titanic.

Jamie-Lynn Discala Cuban and Greek origin, The Sopranos

Melina Kanakaredes (23.4.1967 Ohio/USA), a Melina website

Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Anastasakis) (11.2.1969 (Friends) The Break Up, Rumor Has It , Derailed , Along Came Polly , The Good Girl

John Aniston (Yannis Anastassakis) (24.7.1937 Crete) father of Jennifer Aniston

Xenia Gratsos played in General Hospital, Dallas, The Hitchhiker, Bonanza, Kobra, Columbo: A Case of Immunity...

Andréas Voutsinas Runs acting workshop Theatre Des Cinquante in Paris, France. Interestinf Les Charlots contre Dracula (with Voutsinas as count Dracula)

Angelo Tsarouhas a Greek-Canadian playing Italian characters

Costas Mandylor (3.9.1965 Melbourne/ Australia) and Louis Mandylor Australian actors of Greek descent

Gia Carides and Zoe Carides

Mena Adrienne Suvari father (Estonian). Mother Candice Suvari (Greek origin) American Pie , American Beauty

Ada Nicodemou (14.5.1977), Australian actress of Greek descent

Basile Katsikis , His Website , http://www.greekboston.com/gbtv/basile.shtml TV Clips of Basile

Karen Sillas (5.6.1965) (I cannot confirm if she is really of Greek origin.. but I have seen her name in this list of Greeks)

Alex Dimitriades

Nikos Aliagas French TV Star. Πριν από 5 χρόνια σ’ ένα άρθρο μου τον είχα χαρακτηρίσει «βασιλιά» της γαλλικής τηλεόρασης. Σήμερα είναι «αυτοκράτωρ». (Greek Report)

George Costacos, Image from ALDEUS Entertainment

George Costacos , http://www.broadwayworld.com/bios/viewstar.cfm?starid=502 , IMDb, actor, musician, author, entertainer

Hank Azaria, greek grandparents, the voice of various Simpsons Characters (Apu, Moe, and Chief Wiggum)

Debbie Matenopoulos (13.12 1974) Greek-American journalist, talk show host, actress

Richard Davalos played in East of Eden as James Dean's brother

Elyssa Davalos

Sofia Milos Greek Italian Actress

Maria Menounos (8 .6 1978 Medford / Massachusetts) American actress/journalist/television presenter of Greek ancestry,

Katsulas as Commander Tomalak, a Romulan officer

Andreas Katsulas (18.5.1946 – 13.2.2006 , lung cancer), as G'Kar in Babylon 5, Stat Trek: The Next Generation, Enterprise, Alien Nation, NYPD Blue

Anna Mouglalis , French Greek, Actress

Rebekah Elmaloglou (22.1.1974) Greek father, English mother Info

Alexa Davalos (1982) French Greek actress

Popular Greek Actors

Orestis Makris, O Methistakas

Orestis Makris (Ορέστης Μακρής)(1899 Euboea – 30.1.1975 Athens) A tenor who played in various films (often drunken singing ), O Methistakas (Ο μεθύστακας) , I Kalpiki Lira (Η κάλπικη λίρα), :ο αμαξάκι , Ο γρουσούζης, 9 Χιονάτη και τα επτά γεροντοπαλλήκαρα, . Η θεία απ΄ το Σικάγο, Info

Manos Katrakis (Μάνος Κατράκης) 14.8.1909 Kastelli Kissamou / Crete – 2.9.1984) Greek National Theatre

Pantelis Zervos (1908 Loutraki – 22 or 23.1.1982)

Dinos Illiopoulos (Ντίνος Ηλιόπουλος) (1913 Alexandria Egypt – 4.6.2001 Athens)

George Foundas (1924 Paransida) Stella, Zorba The Greek, Never on Sunday , George Foundas almost always was the bad guy.

Ellie Lambeti (Ellie Loukou) ( Έλλη Λαμπέτη ) (1.1.1926 – 3.9.1983) Info (Greek) (IMDB birthday date here 13.4. 1926 ) To Koritsi me ta mavra ( Info )(Girl in Black) To teleftaio Psemma (A matter of dignity, Cacoyannis)

Alekos Alexandrakis (Aλέκος Aλεξανδράκης) ( 27.11.1928 - 8 .11. 2005)

Jenny Karezi (Evgenia Karpouzi) (Τζένη Καρέζη)( 12.1.1936? –27.6.1992 cancer) (The Karezi Foundation founded by her family for people who suffer great pains from cancer) (Another known pair Karezi and Kostas Kazakos)

Mary Chronopoulou (Μαίρη Χρονοπούλου)(16.7.1933 Athens) Info

Aliki Vougiouklaki (Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη) (20.7.1933 Maroussi/Athens - 23.7.1996 (cancer)). She reminds me to the title of one of her first films To pontikaki (The small mouse), a little young girl even when she was close to 60. She was not only popular in Greece but as a Turkish newspaper wrote (Sabah): “Aliki, who had taken a place in the hearts of Greeks, had also conquered the hearts of the TurksLieutnant Natasa

Nikos Kourkoulos (Νίκος Κούρκουλος ) (5.12.1934 Athens - 30.1.2007)

Dimitris Papamichael (Δημήτρης Παπαμιχαήλ)(29.8.1934 Peiraeus, 8.8.2004 Porto Hydra Peloponnese) Never on Sunday , Papamichel together with Vougiouklaki were a famous pair in many films with the always same question: will they finally get married? The answer was always yes! (and for some time Dimitris and Aliki were a married couple in real life). He also played in the Theater for example as Hercules

Xenia Kalogeropoulou (11.9.1936 Athens)

Martha Karagianni (Μάρθα Καραγιάννη)(4.11.1939 Athens Greece)

Lavrentis Dianellos ( 1911 - 1978)

Dimitris Myrat (Δημήτρης Μυράτ) (1908 - 10.1.1991)

Zoi Laskari (Ζωή Λάσκαρη)(1943 Thessaloniki)

Nora Valsami (Νόρα Βαλσάμη)(24.6.1945 Cairo Egypt)

Rena Vlachopoulou (1923 Corfu - 29.7.2004 Athens)


Albert Isaac Bezzerides. American novelist and screenwriter, Armenian-Greek descent

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