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Anthropos yia oles tis doulies (Greek: Άνθρωπος για όλες τις δουλειές) is a 1966 Greek film directed by Giorgos Konstantinou, written by Giorgos Konstantinou and Hristos Kyriakos and a production of Roussopuloi Company.


Giorgos Gasparatos, son of the shipowner captain Manolis with his father and resided with family use. He encounter from the waiter and tried to change his live with his right. He believe he can become rich working under the stress and the loneliness of the powerful.

Actor Role
Giorgos Konstantinou Giorgos Gasparatos
Beata Assimakopoulou Liza
Nikos Tzogias Stefanos
Giorgos Boutsios Dimitris
Hloi Liaskou Mrs. Ermidou
Tzavalas Karousos Captain Manolis
Giannis Mihalopoulos John Pappas
Lillian Miniati Irini
Alekos Tzanetakos Fanis
Stavros Xenidis Stavros
Betty Arvaniti
Makis Demiris
Maria Ioannidou
Aris Maliagros

Contribution to music

The film's soundtrack contains pioneer performances in the Greek jazz music scene. In 2002 the archived music played in the film was digitized using the original mastertapes.[1]


^ Greek Newspaper "To Vima", Ixografiseis (Sound Recordings), Page Z29, Sunday 8th September 2002

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