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Alaloum (Greek: Greek: Αλαλούμ) is a 1982 Greek comedy film directed by Giorgos Apostolidis, Giannis Smaragdis and Giannis Typaldos, starring Harry Klynn, Manos Destounis and Joly Garbi.


The movie features between these different skecthes and comedic productions in Greek entertainment in the 1980s with Harry Klynn which laughed with different roles, one of them include: Officer Bekas which laughed in a of one fanatic and entered the wrong home, Artemis which he had existence of an entry and Golfo in which Klynn played and as Trabakoula, a kindly Vlach which he lived in an unnamed village in which progression and the teconology they do not have made it without knowing who brought it by the shipper from the city. TVs and other electronics that changed their life.


Πολύ νόημα, μιλάμε για πολύ νόημα να πούμε (Poly noima milame yia poli noima na poume = "Much senses, talking for much senses where we say)
As to pistepso (Ας το πιστέψω = As I believe)
"I want to know who I am, my name is Artemi (Θέλω να ξέρω ποιος είμαι, με λένε Αρτέμη = Thelo na xero pios ime, me lene Artemi)


Harry Klynn
Mano Destouni
Joly Garbi
Dimitris Piatas
Sassa Sofou
Nitsa Tsaganea
Giorgos Tzifos
Kostas Tzoumas

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