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Acropole Hotel - oldest hotel in Khartoum, Sudan owned by the Pagoulatos family
Acropolis Rally — Automotive
Aegean Airlines (Αεροπορία Αιγαίου Α.Ε.) - Greek airline
Aeolian Investment Fund S.A. - capital markets/investments
Alpha Bank - 2nd. largest bank in Greece, named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet
Aluminum of Greece - Part of Mytilineos Holdings
ANEK Lines - ferry service to Crete and other Greek ports, and to Italy
ANT1 (Αντέννα Τηλεόραση Α.Ε.) - largest television network in Greece
ANT1 Group - largest Greek media company in the world
Apogevmatini - Greek newspaper
Attica Group - Greek Ship owners.
Attiki Odos S.A. (Αττική Οδός Α.Ε.) -supervises Athens' ringroad
Attiko Metro S.A. (Αττικό Μετρό Α.Ε.) [Greater Athens Subway Systems S.A.) - Athens Subway


Bank of Attica
Bank of Greece - Greek central bank
Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises
Compupress - Magazine & Book Publishing Company
Cosmote - mobile telephony operator
Danaos Corporation: marine/shipping industry
Delta Projects: heavy machinery


EAS - Hellenic Defence Systems
EFG Eurobank-Ergasias - Part of Spiro Latsis group of companies.
EFront - e-learning platform
Eleftherotypia - Greek newspaper
Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT) - Greek Public Broadcasting Corporation
Elvo - Vehicle industry - part of Mytilineos Holdings
Emporiki Bank (Εμπορική Τράπεζα Emporiki Trapeza) - Banking and Finance; a unit of Crédit Agricole
Ergon S.A. - Construction.
Euroseas - controlled by Aristides Pittas and the Pittas Family
Evga S.A. (ΕΒΓΑ) - dairy company
Fage (Φάγε) - Dairy company
Folli Follie jewellery, watches accessories.
Geniki Bank (General Bank of Greece)
Goody's - Fast-food chain


Hellenic Aerospace Industry — aerospace
Hellenic Petroleum — largest oil refining company in Greece.
Hellenic Shipyards — shipyards
Hellenic Telecommunication Organization (OTE) — telecommunications
Hercules - Cement manufacturer
Ideal Bikes - Worldwide known bicycle manufacturer
IMS (Hellas) Ltd - Export and trading or Greek traditional food products
Intracom (Ίντρακoμ) - multinational technology group
Intralot - Betting technologies
Jumbo S.A. - Greece's largest toy retailer
Kathimerini - Greek newspaper
Kyknos (tomato sauce)
Kotsovolos - electrical goods retailer.
Lavipharm - Health Care, pharmaceuticals
Louis Hellenic Cruises


Makedonia -(newspaper)
Marfin Financial Group
Maritime Company of Lesvos
Mega Channel — media
Mevgal (ΜΕΒΓΑΛ)- dairy products
Minoan Lines — ferry service
Mytilineos Holdings
Aluminum of Greece, ELBO, Metka


Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.
National Bank of Greece - Banking & finance
Nel Lines - owned by Maritime Company of Lesvos
Neorion — Shipyards
Other LTD - Business Consulting and Experiential Soft Skills Training


Pelargos (Πέλαργος) — tomato sauce
Philkeram-Johnson-Ceramic Tiles
Piraeus Bank (ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ) — banking/financial industry.
Pitsos (Πίτσος) — appliances
Pouliadis Associates Corporation
Proton Bank- Banking/financial
Q-Telecom - Mobile telephony operator


Saracakis - Automotive
Sfakianakis - Automotive
Star Channel - Television network
Superfast Ferries
SmartNS - IT Networking
T Bank (formerly Aspis Bank) - Banking & finance
Ta Nea - Daily newspaper
TANCo electronics - Public Information & Sports Timing
Temax - Firefighting vehicles
Titan Cement - Cement supplier
To Vima - Media
Track7 - videogames
Viki - Meat Packaging
Viohalco (ΒΙΟΧΑΛΚΟ) - Heavy Industries
Vivartia - Food industry
Vodafone Greece


Ypsilon S.A. — Agrochemicals, Seeds, Fertilizers
Zenon S.A. — Industrial Goods & Services. Glyka Nera, Greece
Zagori (Ζαγόρι) — Bottled spring water. Ioania, Greece

Former Companies (Defunct, Acquired and Merged)

Bank of Athens - Acquired by EFG Eurobank Ergasias.
Bank of Crete (Trapeza Kritis)
Biamax - Vehicles
Eleftheros Typos - Greek newspaper
Greek Steamship Company
Olympic Airlines — the Greek national airline

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