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Griechische Kunst : Der Satyr des Praxiteles

Phryne once asked of him the most beautiful of his works, and the story goes that lover-like he agreed to give it, but refused to say which he thought the most beautiful. So a slave of Phryne rushed in saying that a fire had broken out in the studio of Praxiteles, and the greater number of his works were lost, though not all were destroyed. Praxiteles at once started to rush through the door crying that his labour was all wasted if indeed the flames had caught his Satyr and his Love. But Phryne bade him stay and be of good courage, for he had suffered no grievous loss, but had been trapped into confessing which were the most beautiful of his works. So Phryne chose the statue of Love; while a Satyr is in the temple of Dionysus hard by, a boy holding out a cup. Pausanias

Satyr (The Faun) a work of Praxiteles, son of Cephisodotus (sculptor of Eirene and Ploutos), c. 350 BC, one of various copies (Capitoline Museum Rome or Louvre Paris) of the original work. One of Praxiteles own favorite sculptures in the typical S form. A Satyr relaxing near a tree stump. It is a young satyr and probably it should be called the Satyriscus of Praxiteles.

http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/image?lookup=1999.04.0063.fig20707_2 (A drawing from Perseus)

Leaning satyr Glyptothek Munich 228

The resting Satyr from the Villa Borghese, Rome (Source)

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