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chaische Griechische Kunst: Die Kore

Part 2


Euthydikos Kore, Side view

Όμορφη, κι απ' των χρόνων το σκίασμα συλλογισμένη, κάτω απ' τον
σημαφόρο του ήλιου, η Κόρη του Ευθυδίκου δάκρυζε...
part of a Poem of Odysseas Elytis with reference to the Euthydikos Kore

Kore 674


Colored version of the Kore from Chios, c. 520-510 BC
Painted Marble , kore no. 675
(Athens, Acropolis Museum)

Head found E of the Parthenon in 1886, two years later the body was found S of the Parthenon. Parian marble
Missing lower arms , found in three pieces, Green chiton with red/purple border with a pattern, The kore wears a stephane with a red palmette and a lotus pattern. 17 holes on the upper rim were used to include bronze ornaments

There is one reason that color traces were found since some of these sculptures were only a dew decades old when the Persian army entered in Athens (the Athenians left the city) and destroyed the Temples and partly also the sculptures on the Acropolis (Persian debris, "Perserschutt"). The Athenians did not repair the damaged sculptures but buried these where they remained until their discovery in 1885-1890 (part of the debris was found earlier around 1835). Since they were not exposed to the atmosphere, rain etc, part of the original color was preserved.


Kore 680 discovered 1885 on the Acropolis 530/20 BC


Antenor Kore with Ionic chiton and himation, 530-520 BC, Athens, Akropolis Museum Inv. 681

Found 5/6 February 1886 NW of the Erechtheion. Feets and plinth discovered earlier.
Missing nose, right lower arm, parts of the right hand fingers, lower legs.
The Inscription found is

Nearchos anetheken o kerameus ergon aparchin t'Athinaia. Antinor epoiesen o Eumarous to agalma


Kore, Acropolis Museum, Inv 670 Discovered 5/6 Feb, 1886 NW of the Erechtheion. Ionic Chiton

Kore 673


Lyon Kore (maybe Aphrodite or Hera ), c. 540 BC


Kore, Acropolis Museum Inv. 593, Discovered 1887 E of the Erechtheion.

Kore 594


Kore, Acropolis Museum Inv. 615, Red Chiton with green maeander border, yellow ochre hair color.

Kore 672, Kore 685, Kore 677, Kore 676, Kore 671, Kore 684, Kore 678,


Korae, Acropolis Museum 1903

Part 1

Antenor's kore
The Pomegranate Kore
The Peplos Kore
Women in Greece. The Kore by Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe

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