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Hellenistische Kunst: Der Prinz und der Philosoph?


Bronze Head (A Prince ?) from Delos Palaestra c. 100-75 BC, National Archaeological Museum Athens, Greece

Φιλόσοφος των Αντικυθήρων


Bronze Head from the Antikythera wreck from the first century BC. The sculpture is probably produced between 250 and 230 BC. Who is this person? Probably a philosopher. Some say it shows Bion of Borysthenes. He was a slave of a rhetorician and became free and having a good education from his master he became a famous Cynic philosopher. According to Diogenes Laertios when he was asked if one should marry his answer was: “If you marry an ugly woman you will have a punishment (poinê), and if a handsome woman you will have one who is common" (koinê)”. National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

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