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Die Trauernde und Sinnende Athena


Athena Mourning

Ανάγλυφο της «σκεπτόμενης Αθηνάς»

Athena Mourning, 470 BC, Parian Marblke Relief, H: c. 0.5m , Acropolis Museum Athens. Athena with a Doric Peplos and a Corinthian helmet, leans on her reversed spear in front of a Stele.

Discovered June 1888 S of the Parthenon, build in the wall of a building. Part of the left arm missing (restored), damages of the drapery and right hand. The background was original in dark blue color.

In a lecture this piece of Art is described as: “Athena contemplating a stele, reading an inscription? Effect depends on the collusion of viewer and piece, deeply modeled. Pillar has been interpreted as a terma (racing turn) or horos (boundary stone).“ Or she reads a list of Athenians soldiers who died. I prefer a different explanation given in a poem written by the Greek poet Kostis Palamas. When he looked at this piece of Art he was hit by emotions so much that he wrote a poem. Something terrible must have happened to see the great Athena Pallas in front of a grave stele mourning The Stele you stand before Athena is your holly city, Greece as it was and as it is now.

Greek Money: 50 Drachmae, 1926

Lekythos NAMA 1968

See also (in Greek) : ΔΕΞΙΛΕΩΣ a Kostis Palamas poem inspired by the Dexileos Stele

Greek Primeminister Eleftherios Venizelos in his office, on the right side the mourning Athena relief

German Reports

Jung, H., Die sinnende Athena, Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts (JdI) 110, 1995

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