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Kakegorias Dike (κακηγορίας δίκη) or Kakologias Dike (κακολογίας δίκη). .

An action for abusive language, brought in the Attic courts, and also known as κακηγορίου δίκη. Any person was liable who applied to another certain abusive epithets, such as “murderer” (ἀνδροφόνος), “parricide” (πατραλοίας), etc. (See Aporrheta.) By a law of Solon, it was equally forbidden to speak evil of the dead. If the person slandered was a public officer, the offender became liable, in addition to the usual penalty of 500 drachmas fine, to ἀτιμία, because in the person of the officer the State had also been insulted.

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