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Antike Griechische Feste

Ancient Greek Festivals

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Scirophoria (Σκιροφόρια )

Dedication: Demeter and Kore (Persephone)

City : Athens

Date : 12th of Skirophorion (June/July)

An annual festival when it was at this time of the year when the threshing is done. Priests and priestesses from the temples of Athena, Poseidon and Helios marched to the place known as the Skiron, under the large, white umbrella. The umbrella symbolized protection of the soil from the sun.


Dedication: Zeus Sthenius

festival with contests celebrated by the Argives in honour of Zeus surnamed Sthenius, who had an altar consisting of a large rock in the neighbourhood of Hermione (Hesych. s. v. Sthenia: compare Paus. ii. 32, § 7; 34, § 6). Plutarch (de Mus. p. 1140 c) states that the palê or wrestling, which formed a part of the contests at this festival, was accompanied by the flute; and he also mentions a tradition according to which the festival had originally been held in honour of Danaus, and that it was afterwards consecrated to Zeus Sthenius William Smith A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities

Sunoikia / Metoikia

City : 16 Hecatombaion

Theseus united the smaller 12 towns (synoikismoi) of Attica each one having their own ruler (tyranniskos). There are various interpretations what the sunoikia ot metoikia represents. For example

integration of various Attic peoples (Sunoikia)

integration of outsiders and immigrants (Metoikia)

Also the Panathenanaea is considered as a festival of the integration of the unity of the people of Attica.

...[Theseus] instituted also another sacrifice called Metoikia, or Feast of Migration, which is yet celebrated on the sixteenth day of Hecatombaion. Plutarch, The Life of Theseus

A great city thus arose which was handed down by Theseus to his descendants, and from his day to this the Athenians have regularly celebrated the national festival of the Synoikia, or "union of the communes," in honor of the goddess Athena. Thucydides: The History of the Peloponnesian War, II.5

Ancient Greek Festivals

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