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Ancient Greek Festivals

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a festival observed once in nine years by the Delphians. It owes its origin to this circumstance : In a great famine the people of Delphi assembled and applied to their king to relieve their wants. He accordingly distributed the little corn which he had among the noblest ; but as a poor little girl, called Charila, begged the king with more than common earnestness, he beat her with his shoe, and the girl unable to bear his treatment, hanged herself in her girdle. The famine increased ; and the oracle told the king, that to relieve his people, he must atone for the murder of Charila. Upon this a festival was instituted, with expiatory rites.

The king presided over this institution, and distributed pulse and corn to such as attended. Charila's image was brought before the king, who struck it with his shoe ; after which it was carried to a desolate place, where they put a halter round its neck, and buried it where Charila was buried. Plut. in Queast. Graec.


In honour of the Charites



Chelidonia, (χελιδόνια). In the island of Rhodes, when the swallows returned (i. e. in the month Boedromion), boys, called χελιδονισταί, went from house to house asking gifts, professedly for the swallows, and singing a song that has been preserved in Athenaeus (viii. 360). The practice (χελιδόνια) was said to have been introduced by Cleobulus of Lindus at a time when the town was in great distress.


Dedication: Demeter Chloë

City : Eleusis /Athens

Date : Anthesterion, Early Spring (March)

A spring festival held around the time that grains begin to sprout. (hence the names Χλόη and Χλόεια), with the sacrifice of a goat and much mirth and rejoicing.


Dedication : Apollo

City: Clarus

Date : Held every five years


A festival in Argos where dogs were killed in honour of the death of a son of Apollon killed by dogs.

Ancient Greek Festivals

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