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Limassol, Cyprus

Pano Polemidia or Pano Polemidhia (Greek : Πάνω Πολεμίδια ) is a community of the District of Limassol

Year Population


1960 216
1982 3561
1992 3703
2001 3741

Pano Polemidia, Cyprus

Theater of Pano Polemidia, Room of cultural events, Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Pano Polemidia, Cyprus Pano Polemidia, Cyprus

Drosoula, Balos Dance, The orange tree of Karavas,

Pano Polemidia, Cyprus Pano Polemidia, Cyprus

Cypriot Zeimbekiko Dance, Syrtos Dance,

Pano Polemidia, Cyprus

Pano Polemidia, Seller of traditional sweets of Cyprus

President of the council Koullis Papamichail ( Κούλλης Παπαμιχαήλ )

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Kato Polemidia (Κάτω Πολεμίδια )

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