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Pano Deftera (Greek : Πάνω Δευτερά ) is a community in the Nicosia District of Cyprus.

Deftera, officially split into the two municipalities Pano Deftera (Πάνω Δευτερα) and Kato Deftera (Κατω Δευτερα), is a suburb located 11 km south of Nicosia. It is the home town of the Cypriot poet Kougiallis. The area is famous for the Panayia Chrysospiliotissa Church, the Grammar School Nicosia and Lapatsa Equestrian Centre. Kougiallis has written a book titled: My own Deftera, a poem devoted to his childhood at Deftera. Deftera is also known for Tasos Papadopoulos' (the ex-president of Cyprus). Home Deftera is also known for its unique fruit called kaisia. Deftera was also the home of the well-known Eramian family, an Armenian-Cypriot family that came to Cyprus in 1768 and its descendants are spread around the world. The history of the family is documented in Joy Kouyoumdjian's book The Agha's Children.

Year Population
1946 807
1960 946
1982 1360
1992 1756
2001 1957

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