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Kalo Chorio Morfou / Kapouti (Greek : Καλό Χωρίο Μόρφου /Καπούτι ) is a community in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, in the occupied region of the island.

Year Population


1960 766

To the south and south-west of the settlement the relief is soft without particular hills. To the north, north-west and east it is hilly and to the east some hills exceed a height of 290 metres. The river Aloupos to the north of the village and the Ovgos (Ovkos) to the south have eroded the landscape. The geology is dominated by the asbestolithikoi sandstones, sands, sandy marls, flyschis Kythreas and recent revived affairs of Olokainis of geological period. On this rocks was developed soil terra roza, proschosigeni and kafkalles.

Main crops, before the Turkish invasion of 1974 were citrus fruits, olives, oil, vegetables, veterinary surgeon plants and cereals. The south-western department of village is influenced by the rich water bearing layer of western mesaorias or Morfou. In the region they have anorychthei enough drillings for the irrigation in 1966 of 86 hectares (640 scales) gardens of citrus fruits. However a big extent to the north and east of the village is akalliergiti] and in this grow scattered pines and bushy natural vegetation.

The population of the village increased swiftly from 1881 up to 1973 largely because of its vicinity to the town of Morfou, in which enough residents of the village employed, as well as in his fertile ground. In 1881 the village had 243 residents increasing to 308 in 1891, 344 in 1901, 348 in 1911, 418 in 1921, 474 in 1931, 13 in 1946, 766 in 1960 and 933 in 1973 (according to research of Mr.Charalambos Tterlikkas in 20/7/1974 it had 1126 residents).

To the south-west of the village and in its administrative limits is an archaeological area in the locality Toumpa of Skourou. In the old days this village was more generally called Kapoutin, that it constituted parafthora the name [Kapoutsi], thing that means that the initial settlement had been created in the years France people. Moreover the village is found marked in old charts as Capuci. Also, called this, Our Latri reports the village that includes him in the list of mansions of fiefs that however later constituted fortune of royal family of Cyprus. In the 15th - 16th century is placed temporarily the construction of initial church of the village dedicated to Ayios Georgios (Saint George). Afterwards the refugee of Greek Cypriot residents of the village, that was eradicated because of the Turkish military invasion 1974, in the village they were installed mainly Turkish Cypriots from Kato Arodes of province Pafou that gave him also the name Kalkanli, that means shield.

Michalis Tterlikkas, Performer of Cypriot traditional music

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