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Nude Clay figurine representing a woman holding her breasts

1a , 1b,

Clay female figurine of the "Tanagra type"

2a, 2b,

Clay female figurine of the "Tanagra type"

3a, 3b,

Limestone statuette representing a woman

4a, 4b,

Composite jug of Red Polished ware with applied plastic decoration depicting scenes of evryday life

5a, 5b, 5c, 5d,

Large glazed dish of sgraffito ware representing a wedding couple

6a, 6b,

Clay figurine representing a horse and a rider


Spouted jar of Red on White


Bird-shaped askos of Bichrome III




Bull-shaped rhyton


Clay human figure wearing a bull mask


Clay figurine representing a man holding a quadruped


Clay figurine representing a chariot group drawn by four horses (tethrippon), mounted by two drivers

14a, 14b, 14c,

Clay figurine representing a man riding a horse

15a, 15b,

Clay figurine representing a warrior

16a, 16b, 16c,

Flask Red of Polished I-II

17a, 17b,

Flask od Red on White ware

18a, 18b,

Plate of Bichrome II-III ware

19a, 19b,

Jug of Bichrome IV

20a, 20b,

Saint Mamas

21a, 21b,

Saint Marina

22a, 22b,

Panagia Eleousa (Glykofilousa - Virgin of Tenderness)

23a, 23b,

Saint Timotheos and Saint Mavra

24a, 24b,

25, 26, 27,

Angel's Gathering


Praying Virgin

29a, 29b,

Utter Humiliation

30a, 30b,

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