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Nude Clay figurine representing a woman holding her breasts

1a , 1b,

Clay female figurine of the "Tanagra type"

2a, 2b,

Clay female figurine of the "Tanagra type"

3a, 3b,

Limestone statuette representing a woman

4a, 4b,

Composite jug of Red Polished ware with applied plastic decoration depicting scenes of evryday life

5a, 5b, 5c, 5d,

Large glazed dish of sgraffito ware representing a wedding couple

6a, 6b,

Clay figurine representing a horse and a rider


Spouted jar of Red on White


Bird-shaped askos of Bichrome III




Bull-shaped rhyton


Clay human figure wearing a bull mask


Clay figurine representing a man holding a quadruped


Clay figurine representing a chariot group drawn by four horses (tethrippon), mounted by two drivers

14a, 14b, 14c,

Clay figurine representing a man riding a horse

15a, 15b,

Clay figurine representing a warrior

16a, 16b, 16c,

Flask Red of Polished I-II

17a, 17b,

Flask od Red on White ware

18a, 18b,

Plate of Bichrome II-III ware

19a, 19b,

Jug of Bichrome IV

20a, 20b,

Oinochoe from the region of Ormideia, Metropolitan Museum New York

Oinochoae from the region of Ormideia, Metropolitan Museum New York

Cyprus Pottery Geometric II

Sarcophagus from Amathus, Astarte holding her breasts and the god Bes

Paphos Mosaics

Young man Idalion Louvre AO1329

Palaipafos, Sarcophagus with scenes from Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, The sarcophagus was produced is probably after 500 BC

from, The sarcophagus of Palaipafos, Pavlos Flourentzos.Department of Antiquities, Cyprus 2007

Sarcophagus from Golgoi

Arsos, Necklace Gold 7th c. BC, Head of a Woman, 3rd c. BC.

Sculpture of the Late Bronze Period, 12 th century BC, Enkomi / Cow (Bronze), Vouni, 5th century BC.

Objects from the ancient settlements in Ormidia Region

British Museum

1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6,

Choirokoitia or Khirokitia

Decree Stasicypros CdM

Idol of Pomos

Kyrenia ship

Tablet cypro-minoan 2 Louvre AM2336

Votive feet Louvre AM3349-3350

Votive plaque Louvre MNB324

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