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Michael III Doukeianos (Dulchiano in Italian), called the Young, was the catepan of Italy from 1040 to 1041. He replaced Nicholas Doukeianos. His first major act was to offer the rule of Melfi to the Greek-speaking Lombard Arduin with the title topoterites. However, Arduin soon betrayed him and led his Norman mercenaries in support of the Apulian rebellion of Argyrus. On 16 March 1041, near Venosa, on the Olivento, he met the Norman army and tried to negotiate. He failed and battle was joined at Montemaggiore, near Cannae, a field that had served as the site for the famous battle of 216 BC and the first Norman engagement in the Mezzogiorno in 1018. Though the catepan had called up a large Varangian force from Bari, the battle was a rout and many of Michael's soldiers drowned in the Ofanto on the retreat. The poor Doukeianos was transferred to Sicily, which the Normans had just prior abandoned during the expedition of George Maniaches.


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