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Isaakios Comnenus (after 16 January 1093 – after 1152) was the third son of Alexius I Comnenus and Irene Ducaena. He was the brother of John II Comnenus and Anna Comnena.

After the succession of John II in 1118, Isaac was received at the imperial court almost as an equal to the emperor. By 1130 John and Isaac had become estranged, and Isaac was forced to flee Constantinople, ultimately seeking refuge at the court of the Malik (king) Gümüshtigin Ghazi ibn Danishmend at Melitene, near the Euphrates river. This ruler was, as the overlord of the ascendant Turkic power in Anatolia, the most serious obstacle to John's ambitions in the Anatolian peninsula. There are vague reports that Isaac was plotting for the throne. This conflict within the top tier of the military aristocracy would continue into the reign of Manuel I Comnenus.

Family and children

Between 1112 and 1116 he married Kata of Georgia, daughter of David IV of Georgia and Rusudan of Armenia. Their children were:

  • John Comnenus Tzelepes, a Muslim.
  • Andronicus I Comnenus.
  • Maria, married before 1166 Joseph Bryennios.
  • Anna Comnena, married John Arbantenos.
  • Eudocia Comnena, probably married Constantine Palaeologus.
  • Helena Comnena (d. 1183), probably married Yury Dolgoruky.
  • He also had an illegitimate son, Alexius Comnenus.


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