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The Dromon is more accurately a product of reverse evolution, paring away the complexities of large galleys in search of simpler and more cost effective solutions. In the process the technology of the triremes and the polyremes was lost, never to be recovered, and the Dromon provided a foundation for a new cycle of naval development which produced ships which had little or no lineal connection with those of antiquity. THE BYZANTINE NAVY

A Byzantine fresco showing a dromon

The Dromons (from Greek "runner") were the most important warships of the Byzantine navy.

They could be built in many shapes and sizes and could be as long as 50 meters long and 5 meters wide, carrying up to 300 men (both fighting marines and rowers).

The dromons had a central tower (xylokastron = wooden castle) near the main mast, from which the marines could use their bow and arrows or throw spears and other projectiles.

The Dromon (consider that text is from an automatic Russian English translation )

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