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The Sarantine Mosaic is a historical high fantasy duology by Guy Gavriel Kay, comprising Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors. The titles of the novels are an allusion to poet W.B. Yeats.

The story is set in a land based on the 6th century Byzantine Empire. The novels The Lions of Al-Rassan and The Last Light of the Sun also take place in that unnamed world, although in different settings. In the series we are acquainted with the character Ashar ibn Ashar, who is the creator of the Asharite religion seen in The Lions of Al-Rassan.

Sailing to Sarantium

Sailing to Sarantium, the first novel in the saga, was published in 1998. In this novel, mosaicist Caius Crispus ("Crispin") is summoned to the great metropolis of Sarantium to create a mosaic for Emperor Valerius II (modelled on Byzantine emperor Justinian I). The narration follows his travels to the city, and his compelled entrance into the politics of Sarantium.

Lord of Emperors

Lord of Emperors was published in 2000. The story continues from Sailing to Sarantium and tells of what happens to Crispin after his arrival in the city of Sarantium. We are also introduced to Rustem of Kerakek, a physician from Bassania, who has also journeyed to the city, finding himself entangled in political intrigue.

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