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Yamamoto Baiitsu

Yamamoto Baiitsu Painting - Willow And Herons by Yamamoto Baiitsu

Willow And Herons

Yamamoto Baiitsu was a Japanese Edo period painter.


He was born in Nagoya, son of the sculptor Yamamoto Yumigiemon. His father was in the service of the court of the Tokugawa lords of the Owari Domain.[1]

He was close friends with the painter Nakabayashi Chikuto (1776-1853).
Flowers and Insects, 1836 (Nomura Art Museum)

Two of his paintings have been designated as important cultural property.


Patricia Jane Graham: Yamamoto Baiitsu: His Life, Literati Pursuits, and Related Paintings. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Kansas, 1983

Artist , Japan

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