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Vincenzo Pagani


The Annunciate Angel

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Featured Art - The Annunciate Angel by Vincenzo Pagani

The Annunciate Angel

Vincenzo Pagani

Vincenzo Pagani (c. 1490–1568) was an Italian painter.
Born at Monterubbiano, he apprenticed in his father's workshop, being influenced by Carlo Crivelli (as shown by canvasses at Ortezzano, from c. 1510). Later he followed the path of Luca Signorelli, as exemplified by a canvas at Corridonia from c. 1517.
In the 1520s he was influenced by the Venetian painting school, which he had known from Antonio Solario, then at Fermo, and Lorenzo Lotto, who was working at Recanati. From this period are the Madonna with Four Saints (at Moresco) and the altarpieces of San Ginesio (1533–1538), and Ascoli Piceno (church of St. Augustine).
Pagani's last recognized work is the Pala Oddi for the church of St. Francis in Perugia (1553).

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