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Vincenzo Caprile

Vincenzo Caprile Painting - The Dream. The Smile Of Faith by Vincenzo Caprile

The Dream. The Smile Of Faith

Vincenzo Caprile Painting - Young Woman Feeding Goats by Vincenzo Caprile

Young Woman Feeding Goats

Vincenzo Caprile (Naples, June 24, 1856 – Naples, 1936) was an Italian painter, mainly Genre scenes and landscape paintings depicting the coast of Amalfi.


He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples with Domenico Morelli and Gabriele Smargiassi. He was attached to the School of Resina associated with Filippo Palizzi.

His seascape scenes depict the daily life of the area, and the rocks and beaches of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and the Gulf of Salerno. Among his works are La Fanciulla di Positano and the portrait of the owner of the Covo dei Saraceni.[1] [2] [3] Along with other neapolitan impressionist painters, such as Luca Postiglione, Pietro Scoppetta, Vincenzo Volpe, Edoardo Matania, Attilio Pratella, Giuseppe Alberto Cocco, Giuseppe Casciaro, Giuseppe Chiarolanza, Gaetano Esposito, Vincenzo Migliaro, Vincenzo Irolli, he helped decorate the rooms of the Caffè Gambrinus in Naples.[4]


Easter Market in Naples



Water seller

L'acqua zurfegna a Santa Lucia

Study of a fisherman


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