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Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum : Part 1 - Part 2

The fall of St. Paul, Niccolò dell' Abbate

Market scene, Pieter Aertsen

Peasant's Feast, Pieter Aertsen

The four evangelists, Pieter Aertsen

Vanitas. Still-life. In the background Jesus with Saint Mary Magdalen und Saint Martha, Pieter Aertsen

Portrait of Maria de Medici or Eleonora di Garzia di Toledo, Alessandro Allori

Cosimo I Medici

Christ with Mary and Martha, Alessandro Allori

Beheading of St. Catherine, Albrecht Altdorfer

Holy Family and an angel, Albrecht Altdorfer

Holy Night, Albrecht Altdorfer

Lot and his Daughter, Albrecht Altdorfer

Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Albrecht Altdorfer

The Entombment of Christ, Albrecht Altdorfer

Sebastian Altar: Resurrection of Christ, Albrecht Altdorfer

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist, Albrecht Altdorfer

Portrait of Christoph Baumgartner, Christoph Amberger

Isabella of Valois (1545-1568), wife of Philip II, King of Spain, Sofonisba Anguissola

Self-portrait, Sofonisba Anguissola

Madonna with Saint Nicholas of Bari, Antonello da Messina

Portrait of Napoleon, Andrea Appiani

Summer, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Winter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The Three Ages and Death, Hans Baldung Grien

Holy Family outdoors ( Rest on the Flight ), Hans Baldung Grien

November, Leandro Bassano

May, Leandro Bassano

March, Leandro Bassano

June, Leandro Bassano

Summer ( July ), Leandro Bassano

January, Leandro Bassano

February, Leandro Bassano

August, Leandro Bassano

April, Leandro Bassano

Return of the Prodigal Son, Pompeo Batoni

Emperor Joseph II and Emperor Leopold II, Pompeo Batoni

Young Woman at Her Toilette. Giovanni Bellini

Presentation of Christ in the Temple. Giovanni Bellini

The imperial pleasure palace. Bernardo Bellotto

Peasants at the Market. Joachim Beuckelaer

Farm Woman at the Market. Joachim Beuckelaer

Cook with Chicken. In the background Christ with Mary and Martha. Joachim Beuckelaer

Breakfast Still Life . Abraham van Beveren

Judith Displaying the Head of Holofernes, Abraham Bloemart

Mountain Landscape. Adriaen Bloemaert

Christ Carrying the Cross ( Christ on Calvary ), Hieronymus Bosch

Small Child with Windmill, Hieronymus Bosch

Still Life with Flowers, Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger

Still Life with Tulips, Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger

Gladiators Fighting. Paris Bordone

Young Woman at Dressing table. Paris Bordone

Allegory (Mars, Venus, Victoria and Cupid) / Venus, Mars, and Cupid crowned by Victory. Paris Bordone

Moses . Valentin de Boulogne

River Landscape with Ruined Tower . Paul Bril

Night Piece (Landscape with Harbor and Lighthouse) . Paul Bril

Eleanor of Toledo, Agnolo Bronzino

Holy Family with Saints Anne and John the Baptist, Agnolo Bronzino

Ascent to Calvary, Pieter Bruegel the elder

Peasant Dance, Pieter Bruegel the elder

Peasant Wedding, Pieter Bruegel the elder

Conversion of St Paul, Pieter Bruegel the elder

The children's games, Pieter Bruegel the elder

Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel the elder

Return of the Herd ( October or November ), Pieter Bruegel the elder

Rape of Dinah. Giuliano Bugiardini

The Dogana in Venice. Canaletto

Pietà, Annibale Carracci

King August III of Poland, Rosalba Carriera

Noah with animals. Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione

Portrait of a Man with a Book, Vincenzo Catena

Forest Landscape . Gillis van Coninxloo

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Lucas Cranach the elder

Pieta, Deploration, Cigoli

Archduchess Anna of Austria, Queen. Alonso Sánchez Coello

Infante Don Carlos (1545-1568). Alonso Sánchez Coello

Isabella of Valois (1546-1568). Alonso Sánchez Coello

Hagar’s Return. Pietro da Cortona

The Penitent St Jerome, Lucas Cranach the elder

Portrait of a lady, Lucas Cranach the younger

All Saints' Day, Albrecht Dürer

Vanitas (Old Woman with a Bag of Coins), Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of a Venetian Woman, Albrecht Dürer

Maria with the child, Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of a young man, Albrecht Dürer

The Madonna with the pear slice, Albrecht Dürer

Samson and Delilah, Anthony van Dyck

Apostle Judas Thaddaeus (Jude), Anthony van Dyck

Crucifixion, Anthony van Dyck

Francisco de Moncada, Marqués de Aytona , Anthony van Dyck

Lamentation (Deploration), Anthony van Dyck

Holy Family, Anthony van Dyck

Mystic Marriage of the Blessed Hermann Joseph, Anthony van Dyck

Nicholas Lanier (1588-1666), Music Master and Art Director of the English Court, Anthony van Dyck

Prince Palatine Karl Lyudvig, Anthony van Dyck

Prince Palatine Ruprecht von der Pfalz , Anthony van Dyck

Thetis Receives the Arms and Armor for Achilles from Hephaestus (Venus at the Forge of Vulcan), Anthony van Dyck

Perseus frees Andromeda, Domenico Fetti

Moses before the Burning Bush, Domenico Fetti

The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saints Dominic and Peter Martyr, Domenico Fetti

Juana La Loca (Juana the Mad), Juan de Flandes

Philip I, Juan de Flandes

Christ Nailed to the Cross, Juan de Flandes

Christ Carrying the Cross, Juan de Flandes

Witches Assembly, Frans Francken the Younger

Evening (clouds), Caspar David Friedrich

Fog, Caspar David Friedrich

Landscape in Suffolk. Thomas Gainsborough

Archangel Michael Hurls the Rebellious Angels into the Abyss (The Fall of the Rebel Angels). Luca Giordano

Annunciation to Joachim and Meeting and the Golden Gate. Luca Giordano

David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem. Luca Giordano

Dream of Saint Joseph, Luca Giordano

The Visitation. Luca Giordano

Laura ( Portrait of a young woman), Giorgione

The Three Philosophers, Giorgione

The Boy with the Arrow, Giorgione

The Adoration of the Shepherds, Giorgione

David with the Head of Goliath. Follower of Giorgione

Piazza San Marco, Francesco Guardi

Portrait of Tieleman Roosterman, Frans Hals

Still Life with Roemer and Silver Tazza , Willem Claesz. Heda

Diana and Actaeon, Joseph Heintz the Elder

Adonis Parting from Venus, Joseph Heintz the Elder

Still Life with Household Utensils, Robert van den Hoecke

Skating in the Town Moat of Brussels, Robert van den Hoecke

Archduke Leopold Wilhelm at a Nighttime Fire, Robert van den Hoecke

Interior with a Mother Feeding a Child and a Maid, Pieter de Hooch

Main Square Within the Imperial Castle in Vienna, Samuel Dirksz van Hoogstraten

Man at the Window. Samuel van Hoogstraten

Jakob Ziegler von Landau, Wolfgang Huber

Christ Taking Leave of Mary

Allegory of Redemption with the donor, Prince-Bishop Wolfgang I, Count Salm

Raising of the Cross, Wolfgang Huber

The Annunciation, Hans von Kulmbach

Coronation of the Virgin Mary, Hans von Kulmbach

The Virgin and Child Appearing to Sts Anthony Abbot and James the Greater, Giovanni Lanfranco

Ottaviano Grimani, Procurator of San Marco, Bernardino Licinio

Self-portrait, Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo

Christ donating His blood, Lorenzo Lotto

Young man in a red jacket, Lorenzo Lotto

Virgin and child with Saints Catherine of Alexandria and James the Elder, Lorenzo Lotto

Sermon of Saint Dominic in Rencanati, Lorenzo Lotto

Portrait of a young man in front of a white curtain, Lorenzo Lotto

Portrait of a goldsmith in three views, Lorenzo Lotto

Man with a golden animal claw (Leonino Brembate?), Lorenzo Lotto

Christ carrying the Cross, Attributed to Bernardino Luini

Interrogations in Jail, Alessandro Magnasco

Washerwomen, Alessandro Magnasco

Madonna and Child, Attributed to Bastiano Mainardi

Cain killing his brother, Bartolomeo Manfredi

Portrait of a young man. Attributed to Giovanni di Niccolò Mansueti

David with the head of Goliath, Andrea Mantegna

Sacrifice of Isaac . Andrea Mantegna

Saint Sebastian . Andrea Mantegna

The Dream of St. Joseph, Anton Raphael Mengs

Allegory of anger, Willem van Mieris

Allegory of pride, Willem van Mieris

Cardinal Antoine Perrenot de Granvella, Anthonis Mor

Queen Anna of Spain; detail, Anthonis Mor

The Sculptor Alessandro Vittoria. Giovanni Battista Moroni

Military expedition in winter . Gillis Mostaert

Moses striking water from the rock . Gillis Mostaert

Archangel Michael Hurls the Devil into the Abyss. Bartolomé Estebán Murillo

Young John the Baptist, Workshop of Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum : Part 1 - Part 2

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (English: "Museum of Art History", also often referred to as the "Museum of Fine Arts") is an art museum in Vienna, Austria. Housed in its festive palatial building on Ringstraße, it is crowned with an octagonal dome. The term Kunsthistorisches Museum applies to both the institution and the main building.

It was opened around 1891 at the same time as the Naturhistorisches Museum, by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary. The two museums have identical exteriors and face each other across Maria-Theresien-Platz. Both buildings were built between 1872 and 1891 according to plans drawn up by Gottfried Semper and Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer.

The two Ringstraße museums were commissioned by the Emperor in order to find a suitable shelter for the Habsburgs' formidable art collection and to make it accessible to the general public. The façade was built of sandstone. The building is rectangular in shape, and topped with a dome that is 60 meters high. The inside of the building is lavishly decorated with marble, stucco ornamentations, gold-leaf, and paintings.

Picture gallery
See also: Category:Paintings of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The museum's primary collections are those of the Habsburgs, particularly from the portrait and armour collections of Ferdinand of Tirol, the collections of Emperor Rudolph II (the largest part of which is, however, scattered), and the collection of paintings of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm.

Notable works in the picture gallery include:

Jan van Eyck: Portrait of Cardinal Niccolò Albergati (c. 1431)
Albrecht Dürer: Adoration of the Trinity (1511)
Tintoretto: Susanna and the Elders (1555–56)
Giuseppe Arcimboldo: Summer (1563)
Antonello da Messina: San Cassiano Altarpiece (1475–1476)
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio:
Madonna of the Rosary (1606/07)
The Crowning with Thorns
David with the Head of Goliath
Peter Paul Rubens:
Ildefonso Altar (1630–32)
The Fur (1638)
Raphael: Madonna of the Meadow (1506)
Rembrandt: Self Portrait (1652)
Johannes Vermeer: The Art of Painting (1665/66)
Diego Velázquez: Several portraits of the Spanish royal family, a branch of the Habsburg, sent to Vienna.
Pieter Brueghel the Elder:
The Fight Between Carnival and Lent (1559)
Children's Games (1560)
The Tower of Babel (1563)
The Procession to Calvary (1564)
The Gloomy Day (Feb.-Ma.) (1565)
The Return of the Herd (Oct.-Nov.) (1565)
The Hunters in the Snow (Dec.-Jan.) (1565)
The Peasant and the Nest Robber (Bauer und Vogeldieb), 1568
The Peasant Wedding (1568/69)
The Peasant Dance (1568/69)

The collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum:

Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection
Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities
Collection of Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Coin Cabinet


Ephesus Museum
Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments
Collection of Arms and Armour
Secular and Ecclesiastical Treasury (in the Schweizerhof)


Museum of Carriages and Department of Court Uniforms (in Schönbrunn Palace)
Collections of Ambras Castle (in Innsbruck)
the Austrian Theatre Museum in Palais Lobkowitz

Also affiliated are the:

Museum of Ethnology in the Neue Burg (affiliated in 2001);
Lipizzaner-Museum in the Stallburg

Recent events

One of the museum's most important objects, the Cellini Salt Cellar sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini, was stolen on May 11, 2003 and recovered on January 21, 2006, in a box buried in a forest near the town of Zwettl, Austria. It was featured in an episode of Museum Secrets on the History Channel. It had been the biggest art theft in Austrian history.[2]

The museum is the subject of Johannes Holzhausen's documentary film The Great museum (2014), filmed over two years in the run up to the re-opening of the newly renovated and expanded Kunstkammer rooms in 2013.
In culture

The Kunsthistorisches Museum appears in considerable detail in the final mission of the video game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, developed by Illusion Softworks.

The museum is the setting for director Jem Cohen's 2012 feature film Museum Hours, which premiered at the 2012 Locarno International Film Festival and screened within such festivals as Toronto International Film Festival and Maryland Film Festival. It is distributed by The Cinema Guild.

See also

Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós


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