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Tommaso Barnabei (sometimes as Tommaso Bernabei), also known as Maso Papacello (c. 1500 in Rome or Cortona-May 18, 1559 in Cortona), was an Italian painter of the Renaissance.

He was a pupil of Luca Signorelli, and aided Giulio Romano at Rome. At about 1523-4 he assisted Giambattista Caporali at the villa of Cardinal Passerini, near Cortona. He painted three pictures, representing an Annunciation, Conception, and Adoration of Magi for the church of Santa Maria del Calcinaio, near Cortona, and finally settled at Perugia, where he died in 1559.
Other works

History of Rome (Storie di Roma), 1524-1525, fresco, Cortona, Palazzone Passerini.
Assumption of the Virgin, 1525-1528, oil on wood, Chiesa del Calcinaio, Cortona
Madonna with Child and Saints, ca. 1527, fresco, Farneta Abbey, Cortona
Pentecost, ca. 1529, oil on wood, Cathedral of Cortona
Annunciation, 1532, oil on wood, Museo Civico, Montone
Ceiling Decorations, ca. 1528-1530, fresco, Eroli Chapel, Cathedral of Spoleto
Facade Decorations, ca. 1528-1530, fresco, Palazzo Racani Spoleto.
Madonna col Bambino Benedicente, 1540 ca., fresco, Church of Santa Maria, Cesi, Terni.
Madonna with Child and Saints, 1543, fresco, Cortona, Chiesa del Calcinaio.
History of Braccio Fortebracci (Storie di Braccio), 1547-1548, fresco, Sala della Congregazione (Congregational Hall), Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia, now Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria[1]


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The frescoes have been alternatively attributed to Lattanzio Pagani,Key to Umbria biography.

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