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Tomas Yepes (Tomas Hiepes)

Tomas Yepes

Still-Life with Fruit and Flowers

Tomas Yepes

Vase of Flowers

Tomas Yepes

Vase of Flowers

Tomas Yepes

Garden View with a Dog

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 - Two Fruit Bowls on a table by Tomas Yepes

Two Fruit Bowls on...

Tomas Yepes (who died in Valencia, 1674) was a Spanish baroque painter, specialized in painting still lifes and vases, which will be the best example in Valencia, where the genre was introduced with some delay. Yepes relatively abundant number of paintings signed between 1642 and 1674, often his Latinized name, Hiepes is is preserved, from the dated works after 1650 .


Few details are known of his life. Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez assumed that he was the same 'Tomás Yepes, painter' that is inscribed in 1616 in the School of Painters of Valencia. In 1630 he is mentioned in various notarial documents, married and settled in Valencia and business dealings with Medina del Campo. At that time a sister of the painter, Vicenta, owner of a confectionery, filed a lawsuit against him protesting to pay off debts, which have declared Yepes satisfied with the delivery of some paintings of religious genre. In 1632 the notary Vicente Corts bought some fruit boxes for the price of eight pounds Valencia, but the following news documentary on the artist's work (1638), again referring to paintings of devotion with four landscapes. 1642 data signed the first oil. In 1655 Marco Antonio Ortí, in the book devoted to the celebrations for the second anniversary of the canonization of Saint Vincent Ferrer, he mentioned to Yepes as the author of the paintings that were placed in the cloister of Santo Domingo, where he had " many Quadros, where many genres were painted fruits, all children of the brush of the hand of Yepes is the painter who, because of this lineage of imitation fruit has managed to acquire very unique credit opinion. "

His early works emparentan with the production of Van der Hamen, somewhat archaic for those dates, with the rigorous symmetry of his compositions, the gloomy lighting and insistence on quality remark underlining its outlines and applying glazes objects. It is simple compositions, with a limited number of items: a few flowers and fruit in bowls of china, but also sweets and desserts in the manner of Van der Hamen, located on a shelf covered with white tablecloth with lace edge.

Not abandoning this way of doing, in later works introduced a greater variety of reasons: Manises ceramic flower pots, rigorously frontal, alternating with the most sophisticated Delft porcelain vases and two vases in the collection dated 1664 Branchy Masaveu on rich carpets. And with them, modest and elegant wicker baskets ebony desks that support a storied paintings that mimics Flemish engravings, game and fish and various pots and pans, in which highlights a neat way of life and tidy. Sometimes (figs still life in a landscape, Prado Museum), still life opens to a landscape that can be incorporated to any living animal (Corner garden with puppy, Prado Museum) and, more rarely, human figures , filling her space (Hunter drinking, Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia).

Still life of birds and hare, oil on canvas, 115 x 86 cm. Prado Museum. Signed and dated on the back: THOMAS YEPES / ME FECIT VA / 1643..

The most comprehensive collection of works by Yepes is in the Prado Museum, which already had seven still lifes, including still life of grapes, dated 1649, still life kitchen, 1658, and garden with puppy Corner, which 2006 have been added in lieu of taxes by seven from the Naseiro collection, among which are the two earliest known date, 1642: Fruit of Deft Two and two vases and fruit bowls on a table. With them, a bird and hare Still another candy in the manner of Van der Hamen, a Landscape with a vine and two vases of 1643, which highlight the versatility of the artist within the genre.

Other highlights are preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia: Still life with fruit bowl ceramic drinking at a stream Hunter and Hunter asleep in a landscape, rare these last two pieces that makes an appearance the human figure. Raus Fondation pour le Tiers-Monde (Zurich) has two scenes poultry: turkey, quail and dove on a terrace and Rooster, hen and chicks. And there are still plenty of still lifes and vases in private collections.

He was also given a couple Vanitas genre paintings in private collection of remarkable simplicity, which, along with the skull and the hourglass, stand resolved flowers with all kinds of details. Of religious painting, of which there is documentary information alone has come down to us a Virgin of the homeless signed in 1644, Convent of Las Descalzas Reales, Madrid, which is in fact a still life and trompe l'oeil of the venerated image on your altar between two chandeliers and completely covered with jewels, reliquaries, rosaries and painted miniatures, whose description the painter has put all his knowledge of still-life painter.


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