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Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Still life with Japanese woodcut, Paul Gauguin
Still life with Japanese woodcut, Paul Gauguin

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Persian: موزه هنرهای معاصر تهران‎‎, is an art museum in Tehran, Iran.

The museum was designed by Iranian architect Kamran Diba, who employed elements from traditional Persian architecture. It was built adjacent to Laleh Park, Tehran, and was inaugurated in 1977. The building itself can be regarded as an example of contemporary art. Most of the museum area is located underground.
Garden of Sculptures, near the museum

It is considered to have the most valuable collection of Western modern art outside Europe and the United States, a collection largely assembled by founding curators David Galloway and Donna Stein under the patronage of Farah Pahlavi.[1][2] It is said that there is approximately £2.5 billion worth of modern art held at the museum.[3] The museum hosts a revolving programme of exhibitions and occasionally organises exhibitions by local artists.

Artists represented

Paul Gauguin: Still Life with Head-Shaped Vase and Japanese Woodcut[5]
Wassily Kandinsky
Jackson Pollock: Mural on Indian Red Ground[6]
Claude Monet
Camille Pissarro
Vincent van Gogh: At Eternity's Gate [4]
Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Gabrielle with Open Blouse[7]
James Ensor
Édouard Vuillard
André Dunoyer de Segonzac
Jules Pascin
André Derain
Louis Valtat
Georges Rouault
Fernand Léger
Pablo Picasso: Baboon and Young, Painter and Model
Alberto Giacometti: Standing Woman,[8] Walking Man 1 [9]
Francis Bacon
Max Ernst: Capricorn [10]
René Magritte: The Therapeutae [11]
George Grosz
John Hoyland
Diego Rivera
Jasper Johns
Andy Warhol: Suicide (Purple Jumping Man),[12] portraits of Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe and Mao Zedong[13]
Roy Lichtenstein
Jim Dine
Peter Phillips
James Rosenquist
Fritz Winter
Joan Miró
William Turnbull
Victor Vasarely
Adolph Gottlieb
Richard Hamilton
Georges Braque
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Edvard Munch
Pierre Soulages
Edgar Degas
Mary Cassatt
Maurice Prendergast
František Kupka
Max Beckmann
James Whistler
Edward Hopper
Henry Moore: Two–Pieces Reclining Figure,[14] Three–Pieces Reclining Figure [15]
Giorgio Morandi
Noreen Motamed
Giacomo Balla
Marcel Duchamp
Marino Marini: Horse and Rider[16]
Aydin Aghdashloo:[17] Identity: in praise of Sandro Botticelli and other works
Parviz Tanavoli: Sanctified 1[18]
Sterling Ruby
Henry Peach Robinson: Landing the Catch
Ansel Easton Adams: Canyon de Chelly
Bahman Mohasses: Tryst
Arnaldo Pomodoro
Yaacov Agam: More than 10 oil and acrylic works[19]

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