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Städel, Prints and Drawings ( Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Kupferstichkabinett)

See also : Städel, Frankfurt am Main

The large gallery in the Louvre, Constant Florent Fidèle Burgeois

Hunting scene with a saint, Antoine Caron

Aspasia in discussion with Greek philosophers, Michel-Ange Corneille

The Death of St. Joseph, Michel-Ange Corneille

Title page design to the " Nibelungen ", Peter von Cornelius

Title page design for Goethe's "Faust", Peter von Cornelius

Transparent litter , with City allegory Frankfurt am Main and Minerva, which forces an enemy down, Peter von Cornelius

Aeneas in the Underworld, Antoine Coypel

Allegory of the Fall and Redemption, Lucas Cranach the Elder

Head studies, Gerard David

The Death of Virginia, Gabriel François Doyen

Repentance of St. Peter, Gabriel François Doyen

Landscape Study, Gaspard Dughet

bearded man, Albrecht Dürer

Christ on the Mount of Olives, Albrecht Dürer

The choir of the Groote Kerk in Bergen op Zoon, Albrecht Dürer

Venus in the workshop of Vulcan, who forges the weapons of Aeneas , Charles-Joseph Eisen

Washtub under a vine arbor in Italy , Carl Philipp Fohr

Allegory of poetry, Oval , Anastasio Fontebuoni

In an Egyptian grave chamber travelers find two bodies , Augustin Félix Fortin

Head of a girl with hood , Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Head of a Woman, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Illustration to "Orlando Furioso" , Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Group of figures with two men who try to bind the hooves of a downed dead, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist, Raymond Lafage

The Toulousaner chase the Huguenots from their city, Raymond Lafage

Study sheet with young woman, Nicolas Lancret

Speyer Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace, Israël Silvestre

Madonna del Camoidoglio, Tondo , Edward Jakob von Steinle

Christ Carrying the Cross, Pierre Subleyras

St. Sebastian, Titian

The Seven Fat Years, Philipp Veit

Scene from the Book of Acts, François Verdier

Portrait of a man with cap , Alvise Vivarini

Man with turban, Simon Vouet

A soldier brings a letter to a woman, Pierre-Alexandre Wille

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