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The Berlin State Museums (German: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) are a group of institutions in Berlin, Germany, comprising seventeen museums in five clusters, several Research Institutes, libraries, and supporting facilities. They are overseen by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and funded by the German federal government in collaboration with Germany's federal states. The central complex on Museum Island was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1999. By 2007 the Berlin State Museums had grown into the largest complex of museums in Europe.[1]

Madonna and Child in Painted Frame, Lazzaro Bastiani

Madonna and Child with Saints, Paris Bordone

The Slaughtered Pig, Barent Fabritius

Catharina Hooft with her Nurse, Frans Hals

Singing Boy with a Flute, Frans Hals

Tyman Oosdorp, Frans Hals

Portrait of a Woman, Frans Hals

Portrait of a Man, Frans Hals

Malle Babbe, Frans Hals

Woman Weighing Gold, Jan Sanders van Hemessen

Merry Company, Jan Sanders van Hemessen

The Ecstasy of St Paul, Johann Liss

Apollo, Pan, and Marsyas, Johann Carl Loth

A Young Man, Carlo Maratta

George Clive and his Family with an Indian Maid, Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Actress Kitty Fisher, Sir Joshua Reynolds

Lady Sunderlin, Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Ford, Jan Siberechts

Christ Taking Leave of His Mother, Bernhard Strigel

Maria Mancini as Cleopatra, Jacob Ferdinand Voet

Sarah Leading Hagar to Abraham, Matthias Stom

The Sculptor Nicolas Coustou in His Atelier, Nicolas de Largilliere

Museum Locations

Museum Island
Altes Museum: Roman and Greek Classical Antiquities
Alte Nationalgalerie: 19th century sculptures and paintings.
Bode-Museum: the Numismatic Collection, Sculpture Collection and the Museum of Byzantine Art
Neues Museum: the Egyptian Museum of Berlin and its Papyrus Collection, and the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte (Prehistory and Early History)
Pergamon Museum: the Antikensammlung Berlin, Museum of Islamic art, Museum of the Ancient Near East and the Central Archive
Friedrichswerder Church: early 19th century sculptures


Gemäldegalerie: Old Masters paintings
Kunstgewerbemuseum: Museum of decorative art
Kupferstichkabinett: Drawings and print room
Kunstbibliothek: Art Library
Neue Nationalgalerie: New National Gallery
Hamburger Bahnhof: Museum for contemporary art including the Flick Collection


Museum Berggruen: classic modern art
Museum of Photography / Helmut Newton Foundation
Museum Scharf-Gerstenberg: surrealist art
Gipsformerei (Replica workshop)


Ethnological Museum of Berlin: American Archaeology, Music Ethnology, North American Indians, South Sea, East Asia, Africa, Junior Museum
Museum of Asian Art: Collection of South, Southeast and Central Asian Art; Collection of East Asian Art
Museum Europäischer Kulturen: European Cultures

Köpenick Palace

Kunstgewerbemuseum: Museum of decorative art

Berlin State Library

Two locations, Haus Unter Den Linden and Haus Potstdamer Straße, are open to the public; various others are not.

Research Institutes

Institute for Museum Research
Rathgen Research Laboratory
Center for Provenance Research and Investigation

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Langels, Otto: "Constitutional Reality: 50 years of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation", in German, Deutschlandradio, 25 July 2007

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