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Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe (State Art Gallery, Karlsruhe)

Ecce Homo, Albrecht Dürer

Evening Landscape, Jan Both

Still life with glass bottle and fruit, Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin

Self-portrait, Anna Marie Ellenrieder

Loose society, Jan Sanders van Hemessen

Portrait of a Patrician Couple, Bartholomeus van der Helst

St. Ursula, Hans Holbein the younger

Heroic Landscape with Rainbow, Joseph Anton Koch

People at the blue lake, August Macke

Deer in the forest (II), Franz Marc

Basket with Peaches and Grapes, Louise Moillon

Overlooking the Gulf of Naples, Joseph Rebell

The Children Dancing, Hans Thoma

In The Sunshine, Hans Thoma

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