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Saint James the Less, "the minor", "the little", "the lesser", or "the younger". James the Less is a figure of Early Christianity. He is not to be confused with James the Great ("James, son of Zebedee"). In most opinions he might be the same person with James, son of Alphaeus, but the sources offer no certainty. In the past, the Western church used to identify him with James, "the Lord’s brother" or "the Just", but that is no longer the case.

Apostle St James the Less, El Greco

St James the Minor, Peter Paul Rubens

Saint James the Less, Jusepe de Ribera

Main altar of the Cathedral of Ascoli : St. James the Younger, Carlo Crivelli

St. James the Younger, Georges de La Tour

Maestà : St. James the Younger and St. Bartholomew, Duccio di Buoninsegna

Sequence "Twelve Apostles with Christ the Judge ", Agostino Carracci

Design for an Apostle series : St. James the Less, Hans Leonhard Schäufelein

"Christ and the twelve apostles " St. James the Younger, Lucas Cranach the Elder

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