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Sebastiano Panunzi (Tolentino in the Province of Macerata, June 23, 1845 -1924),[1] also called Sebastiano Pannasi,[2] was an Italian painter, mainly working as a battle painter, often depicting cavalry movements.

He studied architecture in Naples, and but soon chose to become a painter. In 1883 at Rome he displayed Una rivista di Cavalleria; in 1884 at Turin, he depicted Una carica di bersaglieri; in the 1884 Promotrice of Florence, he displayed a canvas entitled Avanscoperta di cavalleria; and finally in 1887 at Venice and Bologna, Un nembo di cavalleria.[3] In Naples, he displayed a A Squadron of Cavalry at Gallop (1883), Una ricognizione di Cavalleria (1886), Ambulanza (1887), and Alle grandi manovre (1891). He also painted watercolor and caricatures.[4] After 1900, he emigrated to America, first to New York then to Philadelphia, where he became engineer for the American Bridge Company.[5]


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