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Bastiano Mainardi or Sebastiano Mainardi

Bastiano Mainardi Painting - The Penitent St Jerome by Bastiano Mainardi

The Penitent St Jerome

Adoration of the Child

Annunciation (detail)

Annunciation (detail)

Annunciation (detail)

Assumption of the Virgin with the Gift of the Girdle

Madonna with Child, the Young St John and Two Angels

Portrait of a Woman

Tomb Monument to Fra Domenico Strambi

Virgin Adoring the Child with Two Angels

Madonna and Child


Angel heads

Bastiano Mainardi (1460 – 1513) was an Italian painter born in San Gimignano.

Most of what is know about his life comes from the writings of Giorgio Vasari. According to Vasari, he was portrayed in the Sassetti and Tornabuoni Chapels painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio, who was his brother-in-law and master.

In 1485 he worked in San Marco, Florence, executing much of the painting under the direction by Ghirlandaio. It is believed that Mainardi contributed to the frescoes in the abbey of Passignano in Val di Pesa, near Florence. He is also known from a series of Madonna with Child and of female portraits, some attributed to Ghirlandaio.

He died in Florence.

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