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Rosalba Carriera


King August III of Poland




Portrait of a boy of the Leblond Family

A gentleman, facing right in gold-embroidered silver coat, embroidered gold waistcoat and lace cravat, full bottomed powdered curling wig, stormy sky background

A Muse

A Woman holding Flowers Allegory of Summer and A Woman holding Grapes Allegory of Autumn

A Woman Offering a Garland of Flowers to Eros

A Woman Putting Flowers in Her Hair

A Young Woman in Tyrolean Costume

Allegory of Air

Allegories of the Four Continents America, Asia, Europe and Africa


Allegory of America

An Allegorical Female Figure, possibly Spring

An Allegorical Figure of a Young Woman wearing a Laurel Crown


Bacchante with Tambourine (Allegory of Music)

Portrait of Daniele Antonio Bertoli

Portrait Of Lord St. Georg

Portrait of a gentleman, probably Philipps Dashwood

Portrait of a young woman



Female portrait with mask

Cardinal Melchior de Polignac

Elderly Lady

Portrait of a Boy

Portrait of a Gentleman in Red

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of Sister Maria Caterina

Young Cavalier

A Venetian Lady from the House of Barbarigo (Caterina Sagredo Barbarigo)

Caterina Sagredo Barbarigo as Berenice

Charles Sackville, 2nd duke of Dorset

Comtesse Miari

Lady in blue with colorful floral dress

Diana, bust-length, turning to the right

A noble lady


Female Head with a Ribbon and Laurels In the Hair



Francoise-Marie de Bourbon as Amphitrite

Portrait of the French Consul Leblond in Venice

Portrait young woman

Greve Nils Bielke

Head of a Child in Face

Head of a Child in Profile

Head of a Fair-Haired Woman

Head of a girl looking down to the left

Head of a Woman

Head of a Young Dark-Haired Woman

Head of a young girl

Head of Diana

Henrietta Anne-Sophie de Modène

Henry Fiennes Clinton

Josepha Castelbarco Visconti

The Water

L'Amour dirigeant un concert ou La musique

Louis XV as a Young Man

Maria Josepha von Sachsen-Litauen-Polen-Oesterreich

Marie-Anne , Mademoiselle de Clermont

Nymph from Apollo's Retinue

Portrait of a Woman as Diana

Portrait of a Woman as Diana

Portrait of a young girl

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a girl looking to the left, bust-length, wearing a blue mantle

Portrait of a girl, bust-length

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady as Diana

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a lady, bust-length, in a silver dress with a blue shawl

Portrait of a lady, half-length, in low-cut dress, with a kitten in her arms (illustrated); and Portrait of a lady, half-length, in low-cut dress, leaning over a balustrade

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a man, bust-length

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a poetess crowned with a laurel wreath, bust-length

Portrait of a Woman Dressed with Jewels

Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Laurel Wreath

Portrait of a woman, bust-length, holding a musical score

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Young Child

Portrait of a Young Girl

Portrait of a young Lady in a Dress Trimmed with Fur

Portrait of a young Lady

Portrait of a Young Woman. Study

Portrait of Countess d'Orsini, bust-length

Portrait of Elisabetta Algarotti Dandolo

Portrait of Lewis Watson, 2nd Earl of Rockingham (circa 1714-1745), bust-length

Portrait of Philip Wharton, 1st Duke of Wharton

Portrait of the Electoral Princess Maria Amalia of Bavaria, Holy Roman Empress and Archduchess of Austria (1701–1756) and wife of Emperor Charles VII.

Portrait of Thomas Chase (1729-88), half-length, in a blue coat

Portrait assumed to be of the gouvernante Crozat

Portrait of Caterina Sagredo Barbarigo

Portrait of Barbara Campanini 'La Barberina'

Girl with a Parrot

Portrait of the Marquis Giovanni Carlo Molinari

Portrait of the Marquis Giovanni Carlo Molinari

Portrait of a Woman with a Lyre

Portrait of a Capuchin friar

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Gentleman with Green Jacket

Portrait of Giovanni Carlo Molinari

Lady with Turkish Costume

Portrait of the French Consul Le Blond

Portrait of Antoine Watteau

Self portrait

Self portrait

Self portrait

Self portrait as 'Innocence', holding a dove in her arms, grey dress with red lined grey stole, white flower and foliage in her swept back, fair, curling hair

Selfportrait as a Male Artist



Head of girl with flowers in her hair braids

Portrait of Ursula Katharina of Altenbockum (1680-1743)

The four seasons


Venus and two putti


Young Girl Holding a Monkey

Copy, The four seasons

Copy, The four seasons

Copy, The four seasons

Portrait of the countess Anna Katharina Orzelska

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Famous Artists - Apollo by Rosalba Carriera


Rosalba Zuanna Carriera (12 January 1673[1][2] – 15 April 1757) was a Venetian Rococo painter. In her younger years, she specialized in portrait miniatures. She later became known for her pastel work, a medium appealing to Rococo styles for its soft edges and flattering surfaces.


Born in Venice with two sisters, Rosalba Carriera was a prominent and greatly admired portrait artist of the Italian Rococo. Her family was from the lower-middle-class in Venice, and as a child, she began her artistic career by making lace-patterns for her mother, who was engaged in that trade. Others claim that she received initial instruction in oil technique from the Venetian painter Giuseppe Diamantini.[3]

As snuff-taking became popular, Carriera began painting miniatures for the lids of snuff-boxes, and was the first painter to use ivory for this purpose. Gradually, this work evolved into portrait-painting, for which she pioneered the exclusive use of pastel. Prominent foreign visitors to Venice, young sons of the nobility on the grand tour and diplomats for example, clamoured to be painted by her.[4] The portraits of her early period include those of Maximilian II of Bavaria; Frederick IV of Denmark; the 12 most beautiful Venetian court ladies; the "Artist and her Sister Naneta" (Uffizi); and August the Strong of Saxony, who acquired a large collection of her pastels.[5]

By 1721, during Carriera's first trip to Paris, portraits by her were in great demand. While in Paris, as a guest of the great amateur and art collector, Pierre Crozat. She painted Watteau, all the royalty and nobility from the King and Regent downwards, and was elected a member of the Academy by acclamation.[6] Her brother-in-law, the painter Antonio Pellegrini, married to her sister Angela, was also in Paris that year. Pellegrini was employed by John Law, a British financier and adventurer, to paint the ceiling of the Grand Salle in Law's new Bank building.

Carriera's other sister, Giovanna, and her mother, were members of the party in France. Both sisters, particularly Giovanna, helped her in painting the hundreds of portraits she was asked to execute. Carriera's diary of these 18 months in Paris was later published by her devoted admirer, Antonio Zanetti, the Abbé Vianelli, in 1793. Her extensive correspondence has also been published.[7] She returned to Venice in 1721, visited Modena, Parma, and Vienna, and was received with much enthusiasm by rulers and courts.

In later life, Carriera made a long journey to the court of the Poland. The works she executed there were later to form the basis of the large collection in the Altemeister Gallery in Dresden. In 1705, she was made an 'Accademico di merito' by the Roman Accademia di San Luca, a title reserved for non-Roman painters.

Still immensely popular and in great demand (and, in effect, the wage-earner of her family), Carriera returned to Venice. Her portraits were highly refined and flattering, almost always consisting of a bust-length pose, with the body turned slightly away and the head turned to face the viewer. Carriera had an unusual ability to represent textures and patterns, faithfully re-creating fabrics, gold braid, lace, furs, jewels, hair and skin and show-casing the sumptuous, material life-style of her rich and influential patrons. Her self-portrait work diverges from typical expectations of women artists of the time by aiming for an unvarnished appearance. One such example is Self-Portrait as an Old Woman(c.1746), whose mismatched eyes hint at the eye problems which plagued her in later life.[8]

The last years of Carriera's long life were tragic, as her sight, which might have been damaged by miniature-painting in her youth, deserted her completely, and she went blind. She endured two unsuccessful cataract operations. She outlived all her family, spending her last years in a little house in the Dorsoduro district of Venice, where she died at the age of 84.

In Prideaux Place, Padstow, Cornwall, there is a charming portrait by Carriera of Humphrey Prideaux, the archetypal gentry son pictured on his "Grand Tour," in which a love-letter from Carriera to the sitter is reputed to have been hidden behind the frame. She had many male friends and many aristocratic admirers of her talent.


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Sources of information

Consult the biographies of Sensier, with translation of her diary (Paris. 1865), Von Hoerschelmann (Leipzig, 1908), and Malamani (Milan, 1910).
Sensier's (highly annotated) version of her journal of two years in Paris (1720-1721) is available on-line in French:
Journal de Rosalba Carriera pendant son séjour à Paris en 1720 et 1721 / publié en italien par Vianelli ; trad., annoté et augm. d'une biographie et de documents inédits sur les artistes et les amateurs du temps, par Alfred Sensier: J. Techener (Paris) 1865

Artist, Italy


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