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Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann

 Painting - Departure For Fishing by Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann

Departure For Fishing

 Painting - A Good Drop by Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann

A Good Drop

 Painting - Occupation Of A Palace By French Soldiers by Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann

Occupation Of A Palace By French Soldiers

 Painting - Savoyard Boy With Bagpipes by Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann

Savoyard Boy With Bagpipes

Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann (1815 – 1893) was a German artist who studied at the Munich Academy under Julius Schnorr, Heinrich Maria von Hess and Clemens von Zimmermann.

At first active as portrait painter, he was appointed a royal painter of the Grand Duke of Baden and dedicated himself to depicting Bavarian and Swabian peasant life. He repainted the same subject several times like the painting "Zahlungsschwierigkeiten" (pament difficulties) first version dates from 1852, the later once from 1855 a.s.o.

His paintings are displayed at Victoria and Albert Museum, London, at Neue Pinakothek, Munich, and in many other museums.

Artist, Germany


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